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    I can has sig?

    I don't know how much you guys charge for one, so I guess just name the price if you want some money. Also, I don't know the size limit either. Here's the pic If you could, please don't include the guy he just owned in the yellow jersey. And if you could please put "JET" somewhere...
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    Dilemma I need help with

    I come before you today with a predicament that can only be solved with the guidance and wisdom on the ps3forum community. My sister has come to stay for a spell at my house. Now, for some odd reason she has remained good friends with one of my old flames (well much more than an old flame)...
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    i could eat a bag of nails right now

    it hadn't been an hour after I played it last, but i just turned it on about 5 minutes ago and there they were - the red rings. Nothing even came up on the tv screen. I tried unplugging and plugging everything back up. This irritates the hell out of me. So I guess the ol' routine call to...
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    Debate I had with a friend over covering/stealing songs

    It all started when we took a look at The Rolling Stone's top 50 artists list -- After looking at this list, he said the order should be shaken up a little considering some of the artists benefited from "stealing"...
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    Backstreet Boys vs. N'SYNC

    Which of these groups do you prefer (or I guess prefered when they were in the spotlight)? Me personally, I used to get down to some backstreet boys. Their awesome dance moves, smooth songs, and had more interesting members :heart: Don't be afraid to admit it, you all know you loved one or...
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    What do you think about this? (kind of long read)

    I sit here with a fresh copy of Madden 09 in my hands ready to play, but i need some kinda help or something...and i figured who else to turn to but the fine folks at ps3forums... I'm 18 years old. Two days ago me and my gf of 7 months broke kinda came out of nowhere...our relationship...
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    Oden to miss rookie season

    This blows. Whether you're a fan of the Blazers or just a fan of basketball period. And it's the ****ed Microfracture surgery. :cry:;_ylt=AvkAU6xp82gikpuCKfQrDmU5nYcB?slug=aw-oden091307&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
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    new orleans saints vs. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS TONIGHT!!

    So, who's gonna watch the season opener tonight when the Colts start the season with some ass kicking against the Saints ? God it's great to have some football back ! What do you think the score's gonna be ? I'm sayin 35-28 Colts.
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    Anybody watching the NBA All-Star festivities this weekend?

    Last night was the Celebrity game which pretty much sucked and the Rookie/Sophmore game which was good with about a trillion dunks, but the sophmores blew the rookies out of the water. And tonight is the 3 point and dunk contest. Gerald Green will win the dunk cnotest and Dirk or Jason Terry...
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    Report finds St. Louis most dangerous U.S. city

    Report finds St. Louis most dangerous U.S. city Violent crime grew by 20 percent; Detroit at No. 2 Interesting tidbit on the most dangerous cities in America.
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    *The* Official NBA thread (Season starts tommorrow)

    So, any NBA fans out there? The Season officially starts tommorrow with Chicago playing Miami and the Lakers playing the Suns. Any predictions about the upcoming season? Who's your favorite team? player? or anything else you'd like to talk about the NBA.
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    Any good movies you've seen recently?

    Any good movies you've seen recently? Any worth telling about? I saw "Crank" saturday, and it rose to one of the best movies I've seen in a while. So what have you all seen, so I can see it too.:)
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    My new biggest fear as of today.....

    .....SNAKES! As I opened my door around 4:00 this afternoon, there was a MOTHER:cusssnake in my hallway! I came so close to crapping in my pants. Luckily, he was going the other way and went in another room. I called my dad, and we hunted it for an hour with no prevail. We think he crawled in...
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    When is your first day of school?

    When does every one start school? Are you looking forward to it? Are you dreading it? My sister, who lives in southern Mississippi started today. I don't start until August 14th. A whole nother 6 days :) I'm kinda :neutral: about it.
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    Air up there

    Does anybody watch And 1? This is the craziest dunk I've ever seen.