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    Really worried about this PS4 Sound

    So yesterday I get home from work and I turn on my ps4 and was surprised by an unusually loud sound coming from the disc drive. It was apparently reading the battlefield 4 disc that was inserted, however it was at least twice as loud as its normally been. I let it go thinking (or more like...
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    First Ever HDD Switch

    So I've never switched an HDD on my consoles but I'm about to on my ps4. My brother who is a tech guru is going to assist me which is definitely a good thing. Would like to see if you guys had any tips tricks, do's and dont's, etc. Btw, what I'm replacing the original with...
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    PSN Purchase Problem

    Having my first irritating issue on the ps4. I'm trying to purchase a game from the store, and it tells me that the credit card information isn't valid. I know it IS in fact valid because I've checked it about 50 times, as well as I just purchased something on the store yesterday with the same...
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    Your favorite psn game so far

    I know games so far are limited but this can be updated as more come out. so what's your favorite psn game you've played? I can't really vote because I just downloaded warframe and retribution so I'll have to edit my op. moving on Tapatalk
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    The PSU "Share Your PSN ID To Play" Thread

    So if anybody's looking to get a friends list going for the PS4 (and/or PS3) post your psn ID and what games you mostly play. ID:markiemark901 I play COD GHOSTS and BF4. anybody who plays feel free to add me. moving on Tapatalk
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    What Would you Change/Add to the Dualshock 4

    plagiarism prevention: Lethal gave me this idea from his thread lol. so what would you change/add to the Dualshock 4? or is it perfect for ya? I like the ergonomics of it seeing as the ds3 made my hands cramp. like the concave sticks and the outward designed bottom triggers. wast too appealing...
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    Confused on playing ps3 games on the ps4

    so I upgraded my copy of cod ghosts for ps3 to the ps4 version. entered the codes, downloaded the game to the system. however, I tried to open the application the first time and it said "No Disc". so I put in my ps3 disc and the game works. did I miss something and the ps4 actually plays ps3...
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    PS Vita Problem

    so guys my vita is about 3 1/2 months old and be been playing the hell out of it. I've had some issues with memory cards though. it's not like it won't read them, but every now and then a screen will pop up saying do not remove the memory cars when the ps vita is on, etc etc etc, the system will...
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    Killzone Mercenary problem

    game runs great except with multiplayer. I got kicked out of at least 6 games today. my Internet works fine with my ps3 as well as with my other vita games. anybody else having this problem? moving on tapatalk
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    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    this game is a must play on this gen for any fans of third person tactical espionage action. I've played it nonstop since I downloaded it this morning. if there are any other blacklist players out there who want to party up on SvM, add me. psn id: markiemark901 moving on tapatalk
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    You're Biggest Problem

    Write what your biggest problem with modern society is. I believe my biggest problem with society (I have a lot) would be that ignorance and stupidity are accepted. moving on tapatalk
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    New Sig and Av Request

    whats up guys. I currently like my av and sig, but I would rather rep some of the things you guys cook up. Dont have much sp but Ill give all of what I have to the winner (14,349) as well as +rep for all who enter. Signature my favorite rock band Slipknot a pic with all members is preferred...
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    Video Game Advancement

    tell everyone, What's the most important thing you think the gaming industry has done to get it where it is today. Is it graphics, story telling, f2p, online gaming, etc. mine would probably be online gaming. nothing like the thrill of competition.
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    The Switch From Cell Tech

    I'm putting this in this forum because of the ps4 going to the x86 and leaving CELL. I'm trying to absorb all the information you guys throw around on a daily basis lol. my question is this, why was the cell technology dropped? I know it was hard for devs to code for but specifically, WHY was...
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    Ideas for some New Games

    ok so let everybody know ur idea for a cool new game for the next gen. If u don't have one, tell what you'd like to see out of ur favorite new ip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2