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    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Nah I only jumped into it the last couple of months, they've had some pretty sizeable updates, including a complete retooling of the Mage and it's powers.
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    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Should clarify, I only play PC lol. I ran through BL3 solo for the first playthrough, really enjoyed it. Definitely a series that excels as a co-op though.
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    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Chugging through Wolcen, Aliens Firetime Elite, WWZ gets the occasional play-through still. Still hoping to find someone to run through Borderlands 3 with.
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    Stranded Deep - Co-Op Online Update

    What is up with the animations? Look like they're about 30 years old and walking around with a controller up their arse?
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    Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

    Holy shit, there's a username I haven't seen in a good long while
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    Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

    I jump on from time to time, for nostalgia reasons. 14+ years ago I joined, place was awesome from about 07-2010, died when the Aussie crew bailed.
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    Liverpool FC Thread: Remember the 96

    What's happened to like, the last 10 years of posts?
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    13 years.....Time to call it quits

    New people? lol, feck no. Old School only. We been going for a good few years, many arguments, no issues. Tight-nit people I consider mates.
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    13 years.....Time to call it quits

    Bunch of us moved to a whatsapp group 3-4 years ago.
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    13 years.....Time to call it quits

    Been here for 13 years. The first 3-4 years were great, thousands of people and posts every day, the Aussie members thread, the post your setup. Requesting a dope as shit sig from the insanely talented artists, the Liverpool thread. It was always busy, some of us still communicate via our...
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    The Division 2 Announced!

    Picked up the game and season pass in a uplay deal. Gotta say, fecking loving it. Sounds like the last massive patch really overhauled the game and it's now what it should have been at launch.
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    PSU What's app group!

    Should have looked in here before posting in the whatsapp group aye Shingo
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    God of War details: In-depth RPG systems, No load screens, plus more

    Not going to lie, this sounds pretty awesome
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    6 Games That Put Insane Detail Into Stuff You Didn't Notice Some odd and pointless sht that goes into some games.
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    Believe it or not..

    ...I had a 360 sitting at my parents house for 2 years that I COMPLETELY forgot I owned :lol: Gaming taken a backseat lately. Anyway, pulled it out, hooked it up played Alan Wake. Fkc me, what a game. Brilliant it. Love it. I guess my question is, whatever other exclusives have I missed?