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    Metroidvania Fever!

    I've recently come down with a fever and the only cure has been good old metroidvania indie games! I'm talking Hollow Knight, Ooooooo, Ori and the Blind forest, Ahhhhh. I'm talking mutha flicking Dead Cells! Love it. I've been playing Dead Cells like a mad man for the past couple days. Loving...
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    Problems browsing

    I'm having some serious problems trying to browse the forums. I've only on a rare occasion been able to open up a new window without having to kill the page and reload. I can't have multiple tabs of psu open at once. Its just a fucking task to just browse. Any idea why this is happening, or...
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    Sylar vs. Kwes Sig BATTLEE!!

    Sylar VS. Kwes Prize: Pride :snicker Date:Poll ends in 3 days
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    Anybody wanna battle?

    Sup guys, so I'm getting slightly back into designing. Anyone up for a good ole sig battle?
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    Volleyball Thread

    We got any volleyball players besides me on here? What position do you play? What level do you play?
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    Kuro VS Kwes BATTLEEEEE!!!

    TIME TO BATTLE!! Kuro VS Kwes Prize: Glory!! Deadline: Posting ends in three days.
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    Anyone wanna battle?

    I thirst for an epic battle! Prize: Glory, and rep. Rules...there are no rules! Anyone takers?
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    Kwes Sig Wall | New, and Oldish|

    Here a few from my Imgur gallery. Starting with the newest stuff. 2013 Sigs 2012 Sigs Wallpapers
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    Fon VS. Kwes! 20k sig battle!

    Fon VS Kwesnoth Prize: 20k sp+rep Voting ends in three days so vote fast!!
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    Battle? 20k prize

    Anyone want to battle? Prize: 20k sp+rep
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    Post a pic of your gaming/browsing station

    So yeah, the title says it all, post up a pic of where you do your gaming, console or PC. Here is my setup,
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    What are your guys thoughts on the immigration problem in America?
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    Battle Threesome!!! O_O

    A three way battle!?! Kuro Vs. Blacksite Vs. Kwesnoth Prize: 5000 sp +rep Poll ends in three day! Let the battle BEGIN!!
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    Battle Anyone?

    I just found a kickass render, and want to battle with it. Anyone up for it?
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    Blacksite Vs. Kwesnoth sig battlee!!

    Blacksite VS. Kwesnoth Prize: Glory Voting ends in 3 days!