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    The Witcher 2 - Official Thread

    Credits to official for character art and information Title: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Genre: cRPG Platform: PC Release Date: May 17, 2011 Developer: CD Projekt RED Publishers: CD Projekt (Central Europe), Atari (North America), Namco Bandai (Western Europe) and...
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    Extremely Large Battlefield 3 Pictures (Multiplayer reveal @ E3)

    I warned you, the pictures are extremely large. Enjoy. All from PC version of course.
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    Put the goggles on! (draw stuff on the forum in REAL TIME!) Follow instructions on the website and draw anything on any website! Join the PSU goggle! I would say draw stuff on the Home page of PSU to keep everything centralised.
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    Hawken - An Indie Mech Game Source It looks glorious for a game made by 9 people...
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    Dot Dot Dot - Dramatic review of a game
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    3D without Glasses

    Its genius.
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    Change the location of 'reply to thread' button

    The top 'reply to thread' button is on the right of the page and the bottom one is on the left. I would expect both buttons on the same side so its consistent.
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    Very good Photoshop tutorial So funny yet informative.
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    Network Incompatibility with Room Owner?

    When i try to join my friend's lounge i got the error message saying: You can't join because of the network incompatibility with the room owner [771] I can create a room myself but the other people who joins get the same error. I can play with this friend in other games and i never used to...
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    Playstation House is back!
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    Icons for considerations

    I just made some icons for each section of the forums for consideration since the new batch of icons look 'generic' imo. Its work in progress so i have not finished all the icons for all the sections. Check here please for no compression...
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    Lonely 90-year-old puts out ad for b'day party. Internet picks it up...

    This is the actual party: The ad. William J Lashua is his name. It was originally from Reddit but it was soon on /b/. The internet has rallied to give him one hell of a birthday, he's got cards from...
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    Can you vote for this please?

    Ladies and gents, Can you head over to the link below and vote for my friend if you can spare a few of your seconds, please! Its for my friend, he wants a blackberry a lot. It wont take long if you have a facebook account. Thank you very much!
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    Motorstorm: Apoclypse NEW footage It looks incredible! The destruction on the second lap is insane.