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    I like retrostation, couldn't include the psp in it though.
    Yep! I had my doubts about buying the stick when I heard Madcatz was making it. Finally made up my mind after watching several videos that said they put lots of hard work and quality parts into making it which to me wasn't what they were known for in the past so that gave me some reassurance. Ahh I see, so it's basically a mater of finding good artwork and new buttons, I heard Sanwa's were the best but I'm not 100% sure. I wonder where or who makes art for arcade sticks, probably a website out there somewhere. I remember Reaper made IdontknowwhereIam Cammy artwork for a stick before, looked really good.

    Well I actually used the new TE sticks Madcatz made, the edges were horrible. It felt like I'd cut my hand if I positioned it wrong, the original TE stick edges were much better. QA screwed that up big time :lol:
    That's awesome to hear, I'm still surprised at how much quality Madcatz put into it; it's so much better than any Hori stick I've used in the past. Replacing the artwork on it will be interesting, it seems to be pretty tight fit to the body but I'm sure there's a way to replace it. I'm not much of a modder so I'm not really sure how it's done.

    Mine's working out really well, it feels very durable and really helps me control my character when I'm playing.
    woohoo, it works, now to tell the masses lol.
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