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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order premiere set for April 13

    I didn't know anything about the game before watching the trailer and don't know much more after watching it. It would be nice if it's a game that actually feels like a star wars game. If they plan to make a games that just feels like it's wearing a star wars costume (like the "new" Battelefront...
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    Anthem reviews

    Yeah, even I, who enjoy playing the game, would recommend waiting a few months if you are interested in the game. I really like the gameplay and other aspects of the game, but right now it doesn't have a lot of content and they are still ironing out bugs and such. It's mainly the end game that...
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    Developers to avoid going into next-gen?

    Well, I might not be as turned off by the fact that EA is the publisher as you seem to be. Yes, I fully agree that EA has done some really bad things lately. They are definitely not my favorite publisher. But there are still a few good games made by studios they own, imo. I think you got it all...
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    Developers to avoid going into next-gen?

    First of all, I wouldn't listen to anything Angry Joe says, he's a complete tool imo. If we are going to compare Anthem to Destiny 1 & 2 we have to compare them in which state they where when they released. Both Destiny 1 & 2 where even worse than Anthem when they released, with bugs...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn Celebrates Second Anniversary. Over 10 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

    Definitely one of my favourite games of this gen. 10 million sales is really impressive, especially since it is a new IP and only released on one console (PS4).
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    PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020

    I will probably get it day 1. If it is BC with PS4 and powerful enough to feel like a big step up from the PS4 Pro it's definitely a day 1 buy for me.
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    Detroit: Become Human has sold through more than 2 million units worldwide

    Yeah, with exclusives like this (and many others) that has been released this generation, the PS5 is going to be something to look forward to. If it continues like this that is.
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    [Review] PSU Gives Red Dead Redemption 2 10/10

    Well, I think you kind of just half ignored what I was saying. If the effect of trying to force two negative magnets together was just when you where on the horse I would understand the mechanic, but it was just as bad when not on the horse. The game wouldn't let me aim at the wolfs at all, I...
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    [Review] PSU Gives Red Dead Redemption 2 10/10

    Well, so far it's no 10/10 game for me. I haven't played very far yet, but I've already encountered some really annoying game mechanics. I really hate how the game doesn't let you aim at what you want to sometimes. The wolfs in the beginning is one example of this. It feels like I'm trying to...
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    Sony finally goes on the record to say it's working on a PS4 successor

    Yeah, I really don't want them to do a Switch or something like that. I don't want a weak hybrid console/portable, I want it to be a step up in performance like it was with the previous generations.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay video revealed

    Yeah, the hype is real.
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    [OT] Horizon: Zero Dawn

    It is outstanding, imo. If you only played an hour you pretty much didn't give it a chance at all, you barely scratched the suface. It's like giving up on Witcher 3 before you even finish White Orchard (the introduction/tutorial).
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    CD Projekt Red Shares New Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots

    And here's the gameplay I wanted to see. The hype is real.
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    CD Projekt Red Shares New Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots

    I'm hyped. This is one of my most anticipated games. But I would really like to see some gameplay footage.
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    PLAYSTATION Ghost Of Tsushima - 5 Things They Didn't Tell You At The Showcase

    Yeah, this looks very promising. Easily one of the games I look forward to the most right now.