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    I'm reading a lot of things on the Internet and most of the information is very conflicting. So I figured I'd ask you guys as the majority of you actually know what you're talking about and actually explain your reasoning. I know that whether you spend £3 or £100 on an HDMI cable the effect...
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    TV suggestions?

    Ok so at the moment I'm looking for an absolutely ideal television for gaming. I literally will only use it in conjunction with my PS4; so all necessary specs for this use need to be good. I'm currently running an LG 32LS575T and although I have no qualms with the current picture quality, I am...
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    Fifa 15

    Anybody interested in going for the platinum? I've hit a snag where it's gonna be quite hard to get without another person, ie the friendly seasons trophies etc. If anybody wants to go for it with me then do let me know :) PSN: LM-93 Sorry if this is in the wrong place btw!
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    Football Manager Classic 2014 release date revealed

    What an absolute joke, kept this game in the pipeline for SO long with no info and then releases the version at the very end of the season. Would it not make more sense to just waaaaaaait and label it fm 2015. 2015 will more than likely have a different release date between vita and PC...
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    Firmware Update 3.10

    Agreed duff, nothing vital; but a few extra handy bits can't hurt to be there incase you need them!
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    25 years ago!

    Well guys, before my time but I'd like to take some time to appreciate Sir Tim Berners-Lee. 25 years ago Sir Tim presented plans to his boss for the World Wide Web :) The birth of the internet is 25 years today, and I wouldn't have met any of you guys, shared my love of gaming, or even...
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    The final straw Dice/EA

    Ok so I've defended BF4 to the hills when everyone has moaned and complained how broken and shit it was as a result, because I felt it wasn't that bad. The problems were blatant but not unplayable. I have myself racked up 100-120 hours online and have absolutely loved every second. But tonight...
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    Firmware 1.61

    Just a quick heads up for anyone intending on playing today, firmware update 1.61 rolled out about an hour ago. So download it to save waiting around. It's not a big one, only 336mb. Just minor fixes, back end stuff according to google :)
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    Nintendo Bundles!

    Okay so after much deliberation I've decided that I REALLY want to buy a Nintendo handheld console almost entirely just to play the new Pokemon games and a few Mario titles! I kinda need some hell finding the best bundle for my needs, just one game will do (Pokemon!) and it needs to be as cheap...
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    Memory deals?

    Dear me that IS rough! Yeah seems a little excessive I mean 64GB can be bought in every other format excluding a Vita memory card for a lot less than the price it retails at. Shame, wish it just accepted micro SD cards.
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    Memory deals?

    70 bloody quid though man! Ouuuuch.
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    Memory deals?

    Trying to find some cheap Vita memory cards if anyone can lend a hand, they all seem a little excessive in price the ones I can find. Also my Vita came with an 8GB memory card and it's simply not enough in all fairness. What size is ideal for the vita? I intend to have 90% of my games on...
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    Recommend me some must haves :) on the vita?

    According to the store; in pictures and descriptions; the MGS HD collection is just MGS2 and MGS3? No PW by my eye..
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    God of War Collection coming to PS Vita May 6

    Gonna have a lot more use for my vita as of April so this is brilliant news. More to come I hope!
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    PS Vita Sales Increase by 163% in UK Following Launch of PS4

    Hopefully so! I'm taking my vita away with me when I go in the army for nighttime leisure. Also being from the UK I have noticed an increase in my number of 'Near' notifications and local users.