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    PSP2 OS... (Linux, Android or Proprietary)

    Propietary, any other open source system would be a complete adversity to Sony Sales model... and surprise me a lot
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    Global Game Jam

    Hi there guys, well i dont know its already been posted here, but right now we are competing in the first global game jam Am actually om team number 3 from Costa Rica And we are live! on the second link! i hope you guys check it...
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    Devil May Cry 4 + trophies

    Hi there, i was wondering, anybody knows if capcom is going to give us trophies for DMC4, i mean... they already have the accomplishment thingy... its pretty easy to implement the trophies :P hope they do, i do like that game a lot
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    ET:Quake Wars

    Am i the only whos going to buy this game on ps3??? i mean, the game is looking good but people seem to have forgotten it... :S
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    Need some help with the billing settings...

    Hey there guys, i was wondering if i could get a little help because after trying for quite a while am pretty pissed...i keep trying to use my international credit card to set my account on PSN... but it keeps coming back with the information you entered is invalid.... so (maybe am just pushing...