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    PS Vita gets PS+ discounts in the US

    Really good that Vita games are making there way to PS+ discounts, some great deals whenever the sale was on for SCEE stores.
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    Vita needs a proper Monster Hunter!

    I cannot foresee myself playing Monster Hunter on a 3DS, it just looks so awkward to play and I just think the entire game offering is a bit pants considering its probably better to own a 3DS in Japan to actually make use of it. Stuff like Phantasy Star Portable, Dissida and some other thing...
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    What game/s are you currently playing on your Vita?

    Would love to see a new Fifa on it, more up to date with Ultimate team if they could with PS3 cross-play or something. Needs better menus too, hated them. way too slow and you can't press Y or Triangle to change players easily. Been playing MK and I really like it besides loathing Shao Kahn. It...
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    Why Vita criticisms are premature

    I like it but yeah its really hard to buy physical games like Modnation Racers or Unit 13 like I want to buy them in store rather than online or even to download won't be able to trade them in if I hate them and well delivery I can't be arsed to wait. Its too expensive the games really need to...
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    TSA reveals Headline generator.

    Pretty cool.. huh?
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    Vita PSN Prices Announced

    They complained about the extra dlc for Stardust ... which to be honest could've been in the game, but then this adds fear to Motorstorm RC which is an excellent price but will they go for the DLC route?
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    PlayStation VITA -- Are you getting it?

    There's a hole in my wallet, please fix it There's a hole in my pocket, its the Vita There's a hole in my wallet, please fix it There's a hole in my pocket, its the Vita Honestly I'm getting it because of the PSP games, have to see what I can get for the Vita, memory? and defo not a boring...
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    NGP No Internal Flash HD

    Please 64GB.... with a bundle
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    The NGP Sucks?

    Wonder if Nintendo called yet about the "channel name" "carrying ons" I'll be clear.... these videos are evil
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    Strange reptilian bird discovered in Mexico

    Lucky Mexico aren't under attack my a giant reptilian bird that is a Rathian!!
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    Rare Fire Tornado caught on film

    phenomenal happenings in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Luckily it didn't last long or there would be a lost of life.
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    Upgrading my pc, advice needed.

    Medion needs to be upgraded to enable me to have a better experience on the pc. It came with Win Vista Basic and its not the best today has it needs alot of RAM memory. Its something that I have no clue about really and would be really appreciated if anyone could help. Maplin is the closest to...
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    Man In Critical Condition After Eating Slug

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    Exciting news not only is Jim back but will include co-op all that I say that this will be a day one purchase!!!! :drool
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    Shocking discovery in randomers garden shed...

    YouTube- Alien Filmed In Garden Shed So people were interviewed,..