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    Hey hey hey... time for some shameless self promotion. The best kind I might add. Check out me band Music is free to download. We're getting some new recordings up soon too. Let me know if you like it :) I do... but that's the point right??? lol
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    Sony going to make profit by selling PS3s now?

    Interesting tactics. I hope it pays off for them.
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    Have you bought from Gamestation online recently?

    They might own your Soul!!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
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    Samsung LED TV

    Ok. What is this? Samsung ue40b600. Is it oled? Or is it something else?
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    Amazon + People = ???

    I love the odd things people buy on Amazon that some how end up as a buy together item. I mean check that out. Are you telling me that 9v batteries go best with Big Cheese cat repellers. Lilly Allen and Prodigy are a good mix. :roll: People who buy these shoes like films...
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    PSP Hands.

    Ok, who else gets PSP hands? WTF!!? is this guy talking about I hear you say? Well, one thing I've noticed about excessive play due to, FF Tactics, Crisis Core, Everybodies Golf, God of War and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, is my left hand in particular, ****ing hurts sometimes. It's not a...
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    PixelJunk Eden Level 7 turned my world upside down!!?

    I guess if you haven't got round to playing level 7 yet, that title might no mean much to you. It could also be a spoiler to some degree. So In the spirit of things, clear off if you get spoiled by things! Anyhow, as stated in the PSU review, this game has some tricks up its sleeve. I mean...
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    Amazon 2.40 firmware thread.

    I saw this at work today. It had me in stitches. Maybe because I was at work though.
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    LittleBigPlanet competition.

    Don't know how many of you have access to this via whatever and wherever it is, but here is a nice LBP idea your way. There seems to be a whole bunch of stuff up for grabs with it too. It does seem to be a UK based comp, but what the hell, who's stopping ya...
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    My Biggest Gripe

    Something that has bugged me about MGS4 is the lack of restart mission option. It ran in other MGS titles as well. Portable Ops had the option though. I was wondering if I'm missing something? I end up waiting to die sometimes just to start again. If there is no option too, I was wondering...
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    For people who have finished GTA IVs story. *spoiler*

    This is a discussion for those who have finished the story of GTA IV. Essentially, after a lot of pissing about (the best thing to do in GTA), I finally brought myself to plough through the last missions. I was glad they introduced more critical decisions that effect your relationships. The...
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    A good band name.

    Hi guys 'n' gals and anything else that could be reading. My friend and myself are between bands at the moment. We are finding it real hard as usual to pick a name, and I was wondering whether any of you had a name you've always wanted to hear as band name, or just a good idea. Our...
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    GTA IV Vice magazine rant.

    Well, just thought I'd share Vice's little article on the coming release of GTA IV. I was originally going to type out the whole thing, or maybe use character recognition, but was finally so lazy you can have scans of the text. The mag is free in the UK so I can't see how it matters putting...
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    Saints Row 2 Trailer Appealing? A bunch of lines? Hmmm...
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    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max D Pad Gash/Solution maybe.

    I recently bought this game on the PSP. £10. Couldn't go wrong. I have always loved playing Street Fighter. However I find the PSP d-pad extremely poor for pulling off a move like the Shoryuken or rising uppercut thing of Ken or Ryu. In fact, I find it nigh on impossible to pull it off...