• Hello madmandem ! I don't know if I remembre me . I'm french who want to know if the UK version of RUSE has a french langage . ^^ Can you confirm me if there is the french langage now ?

    Thank a lot !
    Na i can't go this year as i'm off on holiday for a few weeks. Was absoloutly gutted when i realised it's over Westfest time. You on it?
    Wen't to a killer Jungle night last Saturday. Congo Natty, Remarc, Marcus Intalex, Krome and time and Rob smith and a few other oldies, was a very heavy night!!
    That's nowhere near being too big for anything.
    It's miles too big :lol:

    Here is a link to the thread that tells you what you can and can't have.

    Your current sig is too tall and is massively over the file size limit you're allowed.
    Lol, i had a right 'mare sorting that out when i didnt know how too

    hover over my profile at the top, click the little green edit button then on the right hand side there is a bit that says my settings. In there it will have Edit profile, edit avatar and edit signature.
    If you want to change your sig then click this!

    If you're having trouble getting an image to work then just give me the link to it and I'll sort it for you.
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