• Sorry mate, the site does not have any alerts for visitor messeges and private messeges, which is a huge down, make me want quit here:D:D

    Erdogan is silent lately, sure he is not going to get his title as "Sultan" :D
    That is semi enough for me.
    Thrusday will be fine mate, I'll make sure I'm online usual time. I still have to get Beast Claw then the Queen.
    Excellent news mate. Depth 4 you mean Ailing Loran? OK, maybe contact you tonight if your online. Will check back later. Good work man!

    edit: Can't do tonight though pal. I have a work meal thing tonight. Tomorrow or later in week though we'll get back on it. I have all of next week off also!
    Major I finished the 3rd dungeon, and created the depth 4 one. Able to join you now :D
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