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    two volunteers required, asap: vault of glass atheon battle.

    Got a 4 man team ready to take on atheon, could really do with two more level 28+ volenteers to help take him out before the weekly reset. Please help :d My addy is: Skullomainia
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    street fighter: assassins fist

    Anybody else caught this mini series on YouTube? I have always been a big fan of the game franchise and this is probably the best non gaming spinoff material I've ever seen. there are currently 13 short episodes up at the moment numbered 0-12. If you are a hardcore fan of the series this is a...
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    What's with the spammy audible pop up?

    I use an iPad to browse the site, and every time I visit I'm getting a full screen advert for It wouldn't be so bad if I got it once a day or so but it's happening every time I go back and forth to the main page to read an article or come back to the site after leaving it in an...
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    XBONE causes TV 'frame judder' in UK when using HDMI passthrough.. Way to go.. I'm fussy with my TV quality, that would bug the shit out of me..
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    Battlefield 4: commander app..

    In the app store now, iOS. Not sure about other platforms..
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    Official Playstation App - UK

    This is supposed to be out here in the UK on the 22nd of November - today. No sign of it on the iOS App Store, does anyone know what time they update the bloody thing?
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    Just curious as to how the camera thingy works on this after watching a few streams. Does the camera automatically detect where your head is and resize the image to fit the frame it appears on the screen in? Just want to know for the sake of it, there's no way I'm plastering my ugly mug all over...
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    Twitch App Compatibility - iOS

    Tried watching the site channel on my iPad app, its telling me its not available on portable devices... :( Is there anything that can be done about this? Thanks..
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    War Thunder: Impressions?

    Any of you guys over the other side of the pond downloaded and had a go on this game, and if so how are you finding it? I'm really psyched for this game, I'd really appreciate your thoughts! :icon_thumright:
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    GTA Online: Traffic AI

    Does the traffic AI big the hell out of anyone else when you're playing this online, or is it just me? It absolutely fails to recognise you most of the time and it has often lead to a mission failure when some random piece of traffic cuts you up at a critical point in a mission. Also related...
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    Has anybody heard anything about the upcoming Minecraft PS3 edition? My boy is wanting it for Christmas and I'm trying to start getting things together a bit. I haven't heard anything about it since it was announced. Same with the PS4 version, I did hear it was supposed to be a launch game but...
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    CoD Ghosts déjà vu.. Guess we know why they called it ghosts now..