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    PS Move

    Will the PS Move work with the PS4? Will it work with the new camera could work better with it :) Do you think they'll still make games for it on the PS4? I'd like to see Sports Champions 3, Start the Party 3, the fight 2 and some new IPs.
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    FIFA 13 Seasons

    I can't connect to a match on online seasons, finds opponent loads up then just before game starts it disconnects :( Been doing it for two days now. I can play online games with friends.
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    London Olympics 2012

    Who's got it it's great fun?
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    Next game?

    What is the next game your buying for the PS Vita?
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    Move Sorcery Bundle

    This looks cool, also good value for money.
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    Fifa 12 euro 2012 dlc

    Who has got the DLC? It was out Today.. Post info on it here.
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    FIFA Street Thread

    Who's got it? Its an awesome game. Discuss everything FIFA Street here..
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    Euro 2012 Football Game

    So FIFA are not making a Euro 2012 game then, like they did in 2008 and they also did a 2010 World Cup game. That's a shame. I wonder if they'll bring out any Euro 2012 related DLC?
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    Post your PS Vita Pics Here

    Lucky Vita owners post your pics!
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    Does anybody know if there making a follow up to PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour? It was a good game with some new additions it could be a great game. Such as better celebrations players official walk on music, the official tarts walking out with the players, the darts music between...
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    Infamous Festival of Blood Dynamic Theme

    I got it with the game. It's cool.
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    Rugby World Cup 2011

    Who's getting this game? Who has played the demo?
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    Qriocity Thread Has anyone used this service, it's awesome. I've got the free trail for the Music Unlimited and I got a free £15 voucher for registering my Sony TV with them. I used some of it yesterday rented new Resident Evil film, quality was great. Sound and picture...
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    Qriocity Music Limited

    I signed up to the free 30 day trial, has anybody else used this? It's really good, well presented and set up. Great choice of music etc.
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    The TIVO Thread

    TIVO box is coming to Virgin Media soon, I'm thinking of getting one there £149. Who's got a TIVO box or has had one in the past?