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    Psp SensMe and Media Go Questions?

    I just updated my psp and got the SensMe feature and just have a couple of questions on how this works and stuff Do any of yall know how long it take to analyze lets say 100 songs? Also is there like a button I have to press to analyze or does it just do it automatically? thanks! and i...
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    Whats your favorite soccer league to watch?

    For me, I love watching the Spanish premiere league
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    Friend List doesn't show?

    I cant see my friend list when my ps3 is on home screen but i still have them b/c i can still invite them when i play online. Any ideas on whats wrong or how to fix it
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    does anyone know where to find rock band 2 cymbals?

    i just wanted know where can i find them i haven't seen the cymbals anywhere?