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    Guitar Hero Warriors of rock instruments compatibility

    :mrgreen:Hi fellow xboxers This has probably been answered before but I didn´t find anything. I am going to buy GH WOR for Xbox 360 and I want to know if the guitar/bass, drums and mic are compatible with other band games. I suppose it will be compatible with most of guitar hero games, but...
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    NPD August numbers

    August North America numbers are in. Very slow month for the PS3 and 360... Hardware LTD: WII: 11.860.948 360: 10.894.666 PS3: 5.262.065 Hardware YTD: WII: 4.490.989 PS3: 2.018.579 360: 1.741.200 Cheers.:mrgreen:
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    NPD July numbers are in !

    Interesting numbers. Cheers.
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    April NPD numbers! Incredibly low PS360 sales.

    Thanks to sonycowboy from GAF. NPD Coverage: April 6 - May 3. Very interesting numbers, GTA 4 is a beast but I expected more console sales, I'm kinda shocked. Cheers.
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    [HELP] 20K short for the half million achivement

    I know this is not the 360 section, but more will people read this here so.. I am in one of the final missions with $480K, I made a mistake and bought 10 of those 5K rockets and now I am struggling to amass the 500K. I have already beated all the Assassination missions and Brucie’s payouts are...
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    Michelle's outfit

    How come this chick criticizes Nico's clothes all the time but keeps wearing the same boring coat? WTF... I have taken her out like 40 times and bang her every time and she keeps wearing the same thing, sigh.... :-| Does she ever change? Great game btw, 30% progress so far, 18 hours in.
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    Official March NPD numbers !

    Thanks sonycowboy from Neogaf for posting this. Pretty sick numbers this month, Nintendomination confirmed. Pretty close 360 and PS3 numbers, 360 software sales continue to impress. Cheers. EDIT. More numbers. NR Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (PS3) 99,900 NR Final Fantasy...
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    February NPD numbers Wii>PS2>PS3>PSP>XB360

    Thanks to sonycowboy and Neogaf for posting this. Very good month for Sony, however Wii domination continues and the Xbox 360 is a beast in software sales. Excellent month for the gaming industry overall.
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    So, I went shopping yesterday...

    And bought Mass Effect, Assasin's Creed, Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3. I guess I should say goodbye to my social life for at least 4 months huh ? Merry Xmas guys, happy gaming :DD. Cheers.
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    Crysis demo delayed until late October.

    Crysis demo has been delayed, it was posted by matthew, the administrator of the oficial Crysis forums. Maybe the Halo 3 release had to do something with this, or maybe they needed to tweak and adjust a few details before releasing the demo. It's only delayed 1 month, and the final game is...