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    PS3 is my current blu ray player. Which standalone?

    Hey one and all. First of all, I've been away from the forum so long that I didn't even notice that the Blu Ray/Home theatre section seems to have vanished. Ho hum. Anyway - I'll shoehorn this topic into here. Basically, I am looking at getting a standalone Blu ray player. I need one...
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    Get this while you can
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    Qriocity is here and it is awesome

    What a brilliantly slick, wonderful music application. This is actual music on demand. Get an app available for Android and iPhone and I'm sold on the £9.99 a month deal immediately!!!!
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    QNQ! You Star

    Kevin Butler JUST tweeted this ONQ - You da man :)
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    DC Universe Online BETA shows that digital distribution is ages away

    15 gigabytes for this beta. That's almost 15% of my monthly FUP for my ISP. It is about 150% of some ISP's limits. It is going to take almost 3 hours to download, if not more if my connection hits traffic. I'm just posting this as I wait all night for DCUO to download while impeding it's...
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    2nd PS3 going back - Not broken but it's looking likely.

    Just wanted to let you all know about this as it may influence some of you to contact Sony if you are experiencing potential issues with your PS3. My fans kick in a damn sight earlier than they should do (fully ventilated, kept clean blah blah) and go into high gear at the least excuse, for...
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    Nurb in time trial

    This may seem like a stupid question, but does anyone know when the full nurb gets unlocked in a time trial situation? It's definitely a THE track to get your mates round for and challenge them to a TT er... off.
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    GT5 pics to FB and Vids to Youtube - How?

    Is there any way to upload your GT5 photos to FB and how is it done? Also - is there a way to upload replays to youtube yet? Sorry - dufus question but be gentle :)
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    Nascar headlights

    I have noticed that no one has commented on the NASCAR headlights looking like they are sticker textures. I am also hoping that is because everyone knows that this is exactly what they are in real life. :D
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    Head tracking. Anyone got it to work?

    Right - I've messed around with the settings and cannot get a sausage out of it. Anyone got any ideas? I am going back to it to see what I can conjure up. I'll come back to this thread if I figure it out. :bang: EDIT Moving the camera closer to me to try it out. Nope - nothing...
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    Needing a wheel stand.

    I have tried a couple of tables, but I am now at the point where I have decided to take the plunge for an actual wheel stand. Can anyone recommend a decent wheel stand for the Logitech Driving force GT? The wheelstand pro is at the absolute top of my budget but cheaper and just as good...
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    Need advice on approaching PS3 tech support (UK)

    Hey all. I'll try to keep this short, but it probably wont be easy. I've been on the phone to tech support. My refurb 60 gig PS3 fat is giving me serious warning signs. The fans spin up very soon after boot and the blu ray drive makes an awful noise when spinning up DVDs. I've spoken to...
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    Eye pet move edition

    I cannot begin to tell you how much PS move improves Eye pet. The interface is just so much better and the game just feels more complete. The speech recognition sections are also very cool. My daughter has been playing through this and has enjoyed it much more with move. Anyone else...
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    Head tracking?

    Is this still a feature of GT5 or has it been knocked on the.....head?
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    EA advertising in UK switches focus

    It has now focused upon the Playstation brand, in particular underlining games that are move compatible. I noticed 2 different adverts for multi plat titles with absolutely no sign of any other format. Just the Playstation brand in general. EA seem to be starting a "move" to favouring the...