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    Hilarious God of War III Ctrl Alt Del Comic

    I can't stop laughing. :lol: Scowl 3: The Scowling
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    Morpheus is fighting Neo!

    Well, not exactly. But it is Irish-Sid vs. FinalReaper in the Final Round of the Sig Tournament Competition 2! Come check out two amazing signatures done by two of the finest signature designers at PSU. The competitors are hoping to see a lot of votes in this epic battle of digital artistic...
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    SitRep VI

    I am trying to get through SitRep VI (because I'm a masochistic completist ;)) and I'm looking for any advice on how to most efficiently accomplish this goal. Is there a particular game type that lends itself to destroying equipment? Is there a particular class build I should be using? Whatever...
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    Armored Core 5 Japanese Debut Trailer

    Can't believe this isn't here yet... I know it's just a trailer but I loved AC4 and AC:FA!
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    Starting with Gimp...Suggestions?

    *sheepishly enters The Design Corner* Uh, hello everyone. As can be seen below, my skills are rather simple (read: a five-year-old could do this provided they could spell). I am using Gimp. I've taken a look at the help/guides and felt pretty overwhelmed. Is there a place I should start? Do...