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    Gamespot's E3 GT5 Feature

    The PR guy is annoying and barely sounds like he knows what he's talking about but there's some really nice replay footage in there. It's basically all game footage after the first couple of minutes or so. I could watch the Super GT stuff all day.
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    Weather, Track Editor and Go-Karts confirmed for GT5. :D Credit to neogaf's SolidSnakex for finding this. and wth is wrong with quotes on here atm?
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    Bulletstorm E3 demo Killzone 3? Crysis 2? Meh! In their endeavours to produce orgasmic visuals they forget what's important in games - fun! I honestly believe that PCF and Epic are bringing fun back to FPS games with Bulletstorm and I really hope it's a hit. This is the...
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    SFIV Sig Request - 3000sp and rep for everyone!

    I think it's finally time I got a decent sig so I humbly request the photoshop expertise of the Design Corner residents in this endeavour. :) The only requirements are that it - A) falls within the 500x120/35KB limit for PS3forums' peasants like myself, B) uses this awesome Sagat image, and...
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    LBP not launching anymore.

    I got the 1.05 update yesterday and played online for a while with no problems. Today the game won't launch. I get the loading screen that says "Do not switch off your console when you see this symbol", then the screen goes black and the XMB appears again.. wtf? I can play my PSN games and...
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    Rock Band finally comes to EU 23/05 - Anyone buying it?

    So the delayed and horrendously over-priced Rock Band is finally making an appearance in PAL-land. Just wanted to get an idea of how many people are intending to buy it, simply out of interest really.
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    Bladestorm Demo

    I got the demo last night with little to no expectations. I thought it was gonna be just another Koei Hack 'n' Slasher like Dynasty Warriors. I was wrong. I'm not really into strategy type war games but I really quite enjoyed this demo. Ok, so it has PS2 graphics but they do the job and the game...
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    Rogue Galaxy on PAL PS3?

    I was thinking of getting Rogue Galaxy as it's just been released here in the UK. Can anyone tell me if it works ok on the PAL PS3 or am I gonna have to dust off the PS2? Also, anyone who has played it could you tell me what you think of it please? How difficult is it? Good combat system etc...
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    Lair PSN Trailer: CG or Real Time?

    I just downloaded the new trailer from the PS Store and all I can say is, my word... Can anyone confirm if it is heavily scripted real-time or CG because I don't remember the game ever looking this good in any media before. Cheers. ;)
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    The Future of 1080p Native Games?

    I was just wondering, are we really going to see that many games done in 1080p on the PS3 or the 360? I know there are a few available already for PS3 and a few more in development but, with the strains on the hardware being much greater when rendering in a higher resolution, I think that...