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    Sex in video games (Funny video)

    Hi everyone, I saw this video which is pretty funny, I thought I'd share it with the gaming community who is sure to appreciate it. Enjoy.
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    Will there be a MVC bundle/collection?

    Do you think Capcom will release a collection with Marvel VS Capcom 1, 2, and 3? :confused: I want to buy MVC 1 when it comes out on the PSN, and I haven't bought the Utlimate MVC 3, but knowing Capcom I'm willing to bet they'll release a MVC Collection, and I'd rather have MVC on disc than so I...
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    HELP: PS3 won't come on after I Am Alive

    So I installed the demo of I Am Alive, and after about 5 minutes into the demo it beeped (I think 3 times). Now whenever I try to turn it on I see the led light go green, then turns red and beeps 3 times. Is my PS3 dead??? Is there a way to fix it? THnaks.
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    Uncharted 3 for $48

    FYI, I just saw that Uncharted 3 is advertized for $48 when using code EMCKAJG94 on (Uncharted 3) I'm guessing it's only for NA.
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    Nintendo Losing Profits & Trust

    ... that's what gamerant thinks about the current Nintendo situation; which I agree to some extent. Here is the article for your reading pleasure or disgust ;). I think Nintendo is in much better shape than after the Gamecube fiasco, but I agree with several points...
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    PSV Needs to Have 99cent games on the market in order to compete.

    While I agree the PSV is not in the same market, it wouldn't hurt it to be able to play cheap games like that, as long as they don't stop releasing good quality games.
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    So what did you miss from E3 2011?

    What would have made your day if they had announced it in this E3? For me it's gotta be Prince Of Persia; I was hoping for a new entry especially after Ubisoft announced they would have another entry on an old IP. A GOW 4 would have also made my day, but at least I've got the GOW Origins to...
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    2 simple GT5 questions

    Hi, I have a couple of simple questions; my brother-in-law has the game and I only had like a 30 minute experience and a lot of it was figuring out the menu and getting some settings. Anyway, I was kindda disappointed but most likely it's because I haven't had time to get into it. So I have 2...
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    1 Free at&t pay as you go refill card [maybe]

    Hi everyone, I found refill card for at&t but I don't have an at&t plan so I'm letting some lucky person have it. I don't know if it has credit but I think it's highly probable it does, that's the reason for the "maybe" in the title. Here is the info: Refill value is $60 Dial 1-866-371-7138...
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    Any one knows what the God of War 3 team is working on?

    :confused: Like the title says; I loved GOW3 so I'd like to know what's coming next for the PS3?
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    PSU, what about the results for the Medal Of Honor giveaway???

    Have you guys forgotten? You can just give me the game if that's the case :roll: Thanks again. Enjoy Thanksgiving.
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    Any Donkey Coung Country Returns sales/promos?

    Oops, I know, I misspelled 'Kong' I guess I was thinking of the word 'Country' when I wrote it. If you are anything like me then you are really anticipating this game; for me this is a great game to play with the misses. So the purpose is just to keep one another informed of any...
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    (?) Samurai X - disc covers question

    Hi everyone, I just bought the Samurai X movies (trust, betrayal, reflection) but the disc covers seem too lame so I wanted to check with you to make sure they are not bootleg. The covers are all gray with an X (a darker gray). Does this sound right? Or should I ask for a refund? Thanks.
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    Suitable Naruto ending

    So, what do you think would be a suitable Naruto ending? To me it would be something like this: Naruto of course becomes hokage... maybe the youngest hokage in history of Konoha. Naruto marries Hinata, but only after Sakura confesses her love for Naruto but he rejects her. Sasuke returns to...
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    Wut's up with Anime and recap episodes?

    So, I was watching Samurai Champloo and we got to that episode in the middle of the series which recaps everything that has happened... what's up with that? Why do so many anime do it (most if not all)? The Samurai Champloo one was well done, I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering why they do...