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    Buying a used Vita

    Wow thanks for all the responses and tips, guys! I'll rep you all if I can. I actually ended up getting two (by the time we met up he had sold one). They were "refurbished" but as far as I could tell they were brand freaking new. The touch screens still had that sticky feeling of new touch...
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    Buying a used Vita

    Hey guys So I plan on buying a used vita off craigslist tomorrow. Ad says refurbished. Is there anything I should look out for in terms of issues? What are some common issues with vitas? What's the best way to check all the buttons/functions? Is there any way to easily tell if it's stolen? Or...
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    What PS3 moments would you share?

    If the PS3 had a "share" function like the PS4, what moments would you have shared? Example, one of mine would have been beating the endless setlist in Rock Band
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    What to do with my ps3?

    So a bit of background. I bolded parts for a TL;DR I babied my ps3 from the moment I got it. About every other day I'd wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and spray it down with compressed air. People ridiculed me for how much care I took of it. Unfortunately for most of its life I lived in a...
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    Ideas for GTA 6

    So this is something I've been thinking of for a while. I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you guys and ask your opinions. It's my most in-depth idea I've posted so I apologize for the long read. I've separated it into segments to make it easier on the eyes but it's all connected. For the...
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    PSU's PS4 UI Wishlist

    QUOTE the ideas you like! BOLD your suggestions please! A running list of suggestions sorted by most wanted +# represents the number of times a suggestion has been seconded. Friends List ease of use +5 I hate having to click on friends, then click to the right just so I can scroll down to...
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    Why doesn't Sony make cartridge versions of PSP games?

    I like the idea, but yeah, cost. Although they could curb some of that cost since the games have already been published and they could fit several games onto one cartridge. I'm sure the cards are big enough. Some examples:- Dissidia, dissidia 012, KH BBS, -FFT, FF Crisis core, Type-0 -kz...
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    Post your PS4 pics and impressions here!

    I figured it would be a good idea to have ONE THREAD for everyone to talk bout their impressions with the system, new controller, accessories, and any games they picked up (boxes, content, etc). DS4: PERFECTION. Everything feels incredibly solid. The overall size was smaller than I expected...
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    PS3 Online Farewell Game-a-thon

    With this gen coming to a close, I thought it might be a good idea to send off PS3 in the best way possible. By playing some old favorites online! I'm talking RFOM and Warhawk. Two classic online ps3 games. I'm thinking we pick a day (or maybe a weekend), start a server or two, and reminisce on...
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    [OPINION] 4 Great Additions to Console Gaming from this Gen (and their drawbacks)

    I figured it was about time I write an article for PSU. So here it is. I recognize the title might be too long, but I can't seem to come up with a better one. I also wrote a separate article (attached) but I'm not sure if I should work it into this one or leave it separate. There's also a...
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    LocoRoco PS Vita

    Oh wow I didn't realize the thread actually posted! I kept getting error messages. Thanks for fixing it, F34R. I'm glad you guys see the potential of this too :D
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    LocoRoco PS Vita

    Another one of my crazy game ideas. This time for Vita!If you don't know what LocoRoco is, please watch this trailer: The game also spawned two sequels and a home space. Though I imagine some of you only recognize it as a defualt PSN avatar. So if you...
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    PS4 Games: Ask A Question

    Need to reduce forum clutter? Introducing the newest addition of Ask A Question, PS4 games! So, if you have a simple question about any PS4 game (or potential PS4 game), ask away! One of our esteemed associates will be with you shortly! No need to make a new thread!
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    GTA HD Collection

    Of all the games deserving HD updates, I find GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas pretty high up there. Think about it. Improved load times, smoother performance, 3D, better controls (better handling,free aiming, etc) and finally earning a trophy for finding all the hidden packages. With more...
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    Best DLC this gen?

    We all know DLC is one of the best and worst things about this generation. It can give further revenue to developers. It can add hours and much more depth to your favorite games. It can also cripple the core experience if taken away from the original game or divide a fanbase. With that being...