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    Applying for an MS

    Help me out here guys! I have been looking for universities to apply to. Anywhere in the US, Canada, UK, Sweden would be swell. People living in these places, can you provide me some list of good universities for an MS in biotechnology and related fields? I am currently in my final year of my...
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    New Crysis 2 trailer

    Seems like a mishmash of gameplay from e3, but pretty cool editing.
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    E32010: Portal 2 Gameplay

    Source Lock if old. Very excited about this, looks absolutely amazing! :mrgreen:
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    New Crysis 2 Screens from E3!

    Looks like they're from the PC version, not sure though.
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    Kingpin326 Vs. MiNiMaL_sAnItY

    Theme: Red Dead Redemption Kingpin's entry: MiNiMaL_sAnItY's entry:
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    Another short story I wrote

    Some critique would be awesome, and thanks for reading! :) Here is my first story thread; For more of these, please visit my blog.
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    Hai guise!

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    Ever wonder how...

    Life is sooooo good right now. You sitting in the comfort of a sofa/chair, browsing seemingly limitless content on the internet. Every bit of information and knowledge available in the public domain. News custom tailored to your needs from the outlets of your choice. We have it good, dudes...
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    How do I promote my blog?

    I tried everything from showing it to my friends, to posting it on facebook, to posting it on gaf. And nothing seems to do it. :FOL: Can you guys help me out? How do I generate buzz for my blog? I think that the content on there is adequate. Feel free to post tips and ****. Thank you...
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    Depressing comic week!

    More to come as the week progresses. Anyways, enjoy! Also, to the people who come in here and start to preach about the kids, a pre-emptive **** you to you
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    Problems and moar problems

    So, i've been trying to wrap my head around this situation with my PC. A few days back it was functioning fine, but then it started giving me a different assortment of BSODs every time I tried to boot the system. I thought that this was the time for a fresh windows 7 x64 installation. But the...
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    A short story I wrote...

    Do you rike it?
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    A comprehensive overview of the iPad

    iPad - A comprehensive look Wow, this totally convinced me to get an iPad! :shock: