• Well there is this one girl. We have never really talked but I just get this feel about her you know? I thought a few weeks ago that I caught her staring at me from across the table in class. I don't really feel much in terms of motivation to talk to her honestly. She's very cute and all but I'm just meh about it. In my experience women seem to push things away and ignore them when they don't want to 'deal' with stuff. Her not responding to you sounds like she isn't interested. You may want to just drop it, but I don't know the specifics so I really can't say for sure. That seems to happen to me a lot though.
    I'm just happy to hear that I can point to SOMEONE in this world and say this guy gets it! This guy knows where I'm coming from! I hope your situation improves and I hope mine does too haha
    Keeping that soft spot happens to me a lot. Touched on that is my post. Always want to cute ones to be nice....except they rarely seem to be. For me anyway.
    i think when they mean fitness it's general fitness because i mean im not exactly a bodybuilder or a fitness freak but i can do the stuff nd my coach never really had a problem with me not having the body and the looks because i could do everything asked of me... so as long as you can do that it should be fine, best bet is to just ring them and chat with them about stuff because that was what won me over and got me into it.
    ohh cool cool, yeah im still planning on following it up, its just rather difficult seeing as the company i trained with is like the other side of the country lol but when time allows me too i will, and i haven't really done well with the bulking up tbh not been getting enough time and lazyness is getting in the way of that :/ lol. and tips yeah got a few when u start the biggest thing is to not be intimidated by things sometimes the moves look vicious and like they really hurt but in actual fact they don't and be confident like if the coach u get asks for volunteers and such it'll look really good on u to step up but obviously only do that after you have learnt the basics which aren't too complicated.
    alright dude, hows things? ive decided to take a short break from it, i moved at the start of the year and havent really found anywhere local yet and im enjoying being healthy lol, not done it for around 6months now but yeah it was starting to effect my quite bad after doing it for a year with no breaks in between.
    Holding up. Head's a bit crazy at the moment; work, life, love, money, etc. all adding stress to my life and it's getting too much. Struggling on, though, got to for my girl. How's the love life your side?
    What? I'm all sorts of confused, lulz.

    Nah, not yet. I really don't know what to do. I have a chance to move on finally and yet there's still some obstacle in the way. Gah.
    Hey dude,

    Sorry, wasn't at my computer at all yesterday. Yeah man, I hope your Christmas went well too. I posted in the topic about what happened. I think I may have been off, but I explain in the topic. That really sucks man, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get at least 1 more chance to get to see her. It'll all work out for you though. As generic of a message as that is, I'm semi-proof of the fact that feelings do pass over time and you'll find someone you want nothing more than to be with. Just don't let it get to you and let it work itself out. Keep putting yourself out there and don't be afraid to ask the girl to wherever. One date doesn't mean relationship, which is why the call it dating lol.

    Best of luck to you man and keep me informed of what happens!
    Mine's pretty meh. Got some nice clothes, aftershave, chocolate, etc. but I'm missing the two things I desperately want - my baby girl and a girlfriend. I just feel so crap. Luckily for me, my brother also bought me a copious amount of Jack Daniels so I'm all set for this evening. I think a night of drunken Black Ops sounds good, aye? : )

    As for the lass, ignore all other advice I've given, Facebook her or find her in the store and just bluntly tell her you wish to spread her legs and do a little magic. Works a treat.
    I'm in exactly the same boat, I was just being friendly.

    Would it be rude of me to enquire why you're gutted?
    Oof, that's rough, man, sorry to hear that. You just gotta try and remain positive though - yeah you lost two girls at once but that means there's another door opening somewhere and it's up to you whether you take a step through it or not. Ask that girl about Tron, see what happens and, if worst comes to worst, at least you have a new friend.

    As for me, well, I'm leaving. There really isn't anything going for me. I hate my job, I hate this house, I have 0 friends and I have no social life at all - its with this in mind that I've decided to leave the area and move far away (well, somewhere in the UK) and settle down there. I can always travel up/down to see my daughter - but as it stands, I'm losing the case to get access to her. I fear that if I stay here any longer than another year, I'll end up killing myself. I'm saving money and it's 'Bye bye, Birmingham...' - sounds ******ed.
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