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    NBA 2K15 - Defending and tackling

    Howdy. I picked up NBA 2K15 the other day, and it is my first ever basketball game. I've found that I'm pretty decent going forward and scoring points, but my defending game is just awful! I've tried looking for tutorials online but I can't seem to find any on good ones with control...
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    1.75 System Installation file corrupt

    Hello everyone. Has anyone else recently tried to reinstall the system on their PS4? I recently got a PS4 and have been trying to upgrade the HDD. Physically, it's gone in no problem. When I tried running the installation from my USB it tells me that the file is corrupt. I've made sure I've...
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    Music in this Regular Dave video

    Hey guys. I've contacted Regular Dave directly about this but he never gets back to me; so I thought I'd ask here. He posted a video about Watch_Dogs when it came out and used some good background music. I was just wondering if this was maybe some unlicensed music that some people might...
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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    It's officially titled, with a logo to suit. The title is a bit of a mouthful, but then I suppose it fits if they're doing the Justice League film straight after.
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    How big a hard drive can the PS4 support?

    Hey guys. I'm thinking about getting a PS4 when Watch_Dogs comes out. I'm just thinking that the stock 500GB HDD might be a little limited after a while, so - what is the largest size HDD that the PS4 can support? I'd reckon a 1TB will do, but if it can go higher then I'd like to know my...
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    Anyone seen 'Don Jon'?

    Has anyone seen this? Firstly, how is it and how would you rate it? Secondly, is it at all a film you could take a girl to see? A girl that isn't your girlfriend but you might be hoping for something? I'm thinking about taking a chick but I keep thinking of that scene from Taxi Driver. If it's...
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    Gold Digger prank

    I'm sure pretty much all of you have seen this already as it went up two days ago, but I've only just watched it :p
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    Stuck at Mission 53

    My game seems to be stuck. Apparently, the next mission that should be coming my way is number 53 - where I believe you play as Michael. The last mission I think I did was scoping out the Depository for the upcoming heist. Now, I cannot select Michael, and can only select Trevor and...
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    Buying in-game cars online

    Sorry but I'm talking about the single player campaign here, rather than Online, as I still haven't had the time to finish it. When I try to buy a flash car off the internet through my in-game phone, it does not process and the game says that I don't have anywhere to store it, and suggests...
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    iFruit app

    Hey. I downloaded the iFruit app on my iPhone yesterday. I couldn't create a Social Club account through the app and just thought that maybe it was all being rolled out. I went onto the website through my laptop and managed to create an account - baffled. Went back to the app on my phone and...
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    Robocop (2014) trailer Just been released online so at the moment there are no better versions on YouTube. Quite detailed and brutal for a first trailer. I'm assuming that they've had to explain a lot in the first trailer to show people that it's not attached to the previous films...
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    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    I saw this trailer posted somewhere and thought it would be some crappy looking kid's film or something along those lines. My brother asked me if I had watched it and I told him my thoughts. He insisted I watch it as it's not what you would first expect - he was right. I really didn't expect...
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    Funny (talking) podcasts

    Hello all. This is a topic to let others share, and I'm also looking for something. While I'm at work I pretty much like to listen to talk-based Podcasts. I've been listening to Ricky Gervais' radio shows from XFM from about 10 years ago, The Steve Austin Show, and today have been listening to...
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    Any here a cab driver, or have been a cab driver?

    This is really random, but I hardly ever post in this forum. I was just walking back to the office from lunch the other day and saw a load of cabs (or taxis, as we often call them over here). I was just wondering if anyone here has ever done any cab work and whether or not you see fit to strike...
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    You may very well hate me after this...

    But, pornstars without make-up! Click me G'DAMN!