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    GT5 Tyre Comparison

    ive seen quite a few questions regarding tyres and what effect using 1 or another has on lap times and driving quality so thought id do a little test to fully understand how each of the tyres are modelled in game. GT5 Tyre Comparison Test - drive several laps of the same circuit, in the...
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    GT5 - even the police cant get enough!

    funny little story, just had a police officer round to take a statement in regards to a woman that T-boned me on my bicycle. Planned on getting the living room nice and tidy before he came but I left work late and he turned up early so my GT5 rig was still set up. He'd already asked me what...
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    CArtoon tigers?

    IVe got 5 fish all named after cartoon characters, 3 of them are tiger barbs. Got names for 2 of them, those being tigger and hobbes but I dont know any other cartoon tigers. any help much appreciated
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    car collection, of the die cast kind

    absolutely brilliant: who needs to spend months modelling real cars when you have: &
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    The Drink Driving Effect

    This thread and idea may have developed from boredom, but it seems its already to late to hit the brakes. I have decided for no other reason that im bored, no one wants to go out and i want to get drunk that im going to test the theory that alcohol severely affects your driving, this test may...
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    STandard car physics model issues

    JUst found a caterham a caterham seven fireblade in the used car lot, quite excited as its the car ive been looking forward to most. However it seems theyve loaded the physics model off a stock honda civic into it. Even with 500bhp per ton and a close ratio gearbox it feels horricily sluggish...
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    Wheel Users

    Whats setting do you use? Ive been using simulation up until now and whilst it seems representative for general driving any under/oversteer that occurs seem over exaggerated, i think the reason it feels like this for me is because i can reduce the degrees of rotation to max steering angle in...
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    Some Questions

    couple of things that i cant find the answer to: Why is there no G27 wheel selection in the setup menu? if you have a G27, how do you adjust brake response as i only have to touch the pedal with my toe and the wheels lock up. got ABS on at the moment to somewhat counteract it but its not...
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    solar powered phone charger...

    are they any good. looking at the 1's with a built in battery so the sun charges it and then you can charge up your phone whenever. if they work well on new smartphones it wouldd be really handy to have at events etc
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    what online game retailers...

    what online game retailers deliver games without needing to sign for it? want to preorder a few games but im not in the house during delivery hours to sign for it. UK btw
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    broadband dongle for online gaming?

    has anyone successfully used a broadband dongle for online gaming? will be without landline broadband for a few months so my only option for getting online is a broadband dongle, and an orange 1 at that due to their pay monthly option. ive no doubt general surfing will be fine but am wondering...
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    Goodwood FOS

    first time at the festival of speed and have to say 1 of the best events ive been to, petrol heads paradise with so much stuff going on you dont know where to look. Took hundreds of pics but these pretty much sum it up:
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    MOTOGP weekend

    anybody else go along? fantastic weekend of racing/camping cant wait till next year now. some of the pics from the weekend:
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    whats up with my username?

    as title, whats the imported all about?
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    G is for...

    G27! seen 1 going for a decent price on ebay and the missus told me if i was a good boy i could have an early bday present so she bought it. was going to wait for the release of GT5 but meh im impatient just had an hour on it with a couple of pc sims and all i can say is wow, took me some...