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    Welcome to AC: Black Flag
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    COD Ghosts upgrade from 360 to XB1 for £10.00

    I intend to go as fully digital on the XB1 also (as well as the PS4), however I understand, unlike the upgrade of this title being to the DD version on the PS, its a disk based upgrade on the Xbox. Anyone know of any info offering the digital upgrade path for this title on the Xbox too?
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    I have decided, digital only for me!

    As per the title, I have decided to go digital only and will be only getting games off of the PSN. I don't think I will be paying too much over the odds bearing in mind there are often deals on PSN cards at reduced prices, for example £50 of credit for £40 on Anyone else...
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    BF4 - New Paracel Storm ingame footage - incredible!!!

    I simply cannot wait for this, this looks fantastic, especially the new game mode. Granted its the PC version but hopefully the PS4 version wont be too dissimilar. What do you guys think?!!
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    Rumor: New Vita, larger screen, twice the RAM, pre TGS reveal

    Why screw Sony, its progress isnt it? We would still be playing PS1 if things didnt move on. Its the risk of buying things early (being an iPad one purchaser myself!)
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    BF4 class system and perks - good article
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    The Recommended PS Vita Games Thread

    I can't remember the last time I booted up the Vita tbh, only keeping it for the remote PS4 play on the bog!
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    Just bought me a Vita

    I almost sold my Vita a while ago but specifically kept hold of it to accompany the PS4. I dont really have any intention on playing Vita specific games but am hoping to use it for remote play, although I am a bit sceptical until I see it running.
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    Super Stardust AT&T Codes are coming in

    I am gradually chipping away at your 70 million.... Lol
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    Escape Plan

    I think it's a waste of a tenner, I wish I hadn't got it tbh.
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    Can you have online tourneys?
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    Sorry if I haven't added anyone who has posted yet, will get around to it later on.... Tempted to get HSG, is it worth it??
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    Ok calling tech people .mkv, .avi on Vita

    I just watch films etc on my ipad via Plex.