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    Question about Ar Tonelico II (slight spoilers without tags, tags don't seem to work)

    So, AT II. Been playing it for about 15 hours and it's great so far. Just one, or well, two questions. First. How different the story/game will be, if I choose to protect Cloche insted of Luca when you are to choose? I chose Luca this time, just wondering if I should play with choosing Cloche...
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    Xenogears playthrough videos?

    So.. I've been looking for video(s) of someone playing through the whole game. No, not walkthroughs or similar, I mean playthrough, where I could see all the scenes and follow the story. Doesn't matter if the actual gameplay parts are there, as long as every dialog and scene has been included...
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    Skate 2 demo to hit PSN January 15th

    Source -_____________________________________- Good thing my friend has an X360, otherwise I'd be probably doing something stupid right now.
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    Thread to beg for Killzone 2 beta codes

    Well, there will quite surely be threads about people begging to get into the KZ2 beta, so I thought I'd kill them off before they even appear by making a thread for people trying to buy/trade(/whatever) a Killzone 2 beta code. So, in short, keep the buyings/tradings(/WHATEVERZINGS) here...
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    Persona 4

    Will Persona 4 ever hit Europe? I know, it's already released in Japan and is "TBA" in US, but I've seen nothing about Europe. I'm not going to get a mod chip or whatever for my PAL PS2 so I simply can't play NTSC games.