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    Spider-Man PS4 has sold more than 13.2 million copies as of July 28th 2019

    Oh my bad then. Didn’t see the other one.
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    Spider-Man PS4 has sold more than 13.2 million copies as of July 28th 2019

    ROFl, wtf man? Change your bloody headline. Insomniac just got bought by Sony and your headline is they sold X amount of copies of Spiderman? Dude, you have seriouslyt lost the plot on what is important information here LOL.
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    Can we learn C++ without C?

    Nope, I learned C++ without learning C. Start here... Horton is a bloody excelent teacher. I've wrttien 3d gaming engines from Scratch using C++ and...
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    Count to 5,000 before a Mod or Admin posts!

    36 I know mate
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    *Exclusive* Playstation 5: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation.

    Poof...there goes any chance of enhanced BC..... Fast GPU though.
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    Phil admits failing: Struggles that Microsoft faced with their first party output with the Xbox One

    They did dumb moves in the 360 days and it bit them in the arse hard... Bioware -shoulda bought DICE -shoulda bought Bizzare Creations -shouda bought All three of these were pillars in the orgiinal xbox days and early 360 days (Bar DICE) and they just let them wlak out the fucking door. That...
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    Xbox Sales and Numbers Thread

    Why are you comparing different quarters? Sales were stagnant, which is a victory unto itself however. Operating income was down from 83.5 to 73.8 million. Or put in perspective... income was down 11 percent, actually worse than MS's dip.
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    Xbox Sales and Numbers Thread

    Well then why dont you fucking wait till the Sony results next Tuesday before you start spouting "facts". Even in the last Fiscal report Sony state dhtey also had decreased PS4 sales. So stop talking shit. Everybody across...
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    Xbox Sales and Numbers Thread

    Last gen saw a 35 percent decrease in hardware sales at the same time. Much of muchness. The 1/4 before was nearly 50 percent down.
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement

    Lookk, pSN x/Xbox live have to have a place where people. 1/Log on 2/ Cloud saves (this is deault on MS I tbink a part of PSN subscription? 3/ Download digital games 4/ Share content with other players This is all on a cloud service. Im not sure who they used before, but upgrading to Azure is a...
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement

    Honestly, this is GOOD news for SONY, they were going to be dead next gen, Ive been saying it for a while now, their server infrastructure cant compete with MS, yet alone Google. This was a smart move.
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement RIP PSN