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    About to hit Level 20 in Destiny. Tell me it really does get better. Need help.

    Jumped back into Destiny last week, and I'm on the cusp of Level 20 which I hear is when all the cool stuff starts dropping. Oddly enough, I enjoy this game despite it being such a grind and I just purchased the first expansion and will probably pick up HoW this week as well. One thing that...
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    Bloodborne and that diffulty level...

    I thought people were bs'ing about how difficult this game is, but no. I've never played any of the souls game but I heard bloodborne is a great game so I had to pick it up and try it. I've been gaming for 34 years now and have played my fair share of so called tough games, but Bloodborne kinda...
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    Tell me if this is a good trade: Alienware X51 R2 question

    I was browsing craigslist and came across a guy wanting to trade a pristine Alienware X51 R2. The specs are i5 cpu, GTX 760Ti gpu, 8gb DDR3, 1Tb HDD with alienware mouse and kb, and Alienware monitor running Windows 7. Basically he's wanting a console, so I offered my PS4, 2 controllers...
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    Should I buy AC:U now or wait?

    Amazon has this game for $30 today, and I was thinking of buying it, but that crap frame rate has put me off. I know the 4th patch released today that supposedly fixed this, but I haven't heard any concrete evidence that this is the case. Can anyone confirm the frame rate issue is gone?
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    Dual Shock controller mod question:

    I know that the XBONE sticks fit in the DS4, but they are a tad taller and I don't wanna F up my sensitivity by using those in my DS4. I know the XBOX 360 sticks are around the same height as the DS4 sticks, but I don't know if they fit. Is there anyone that could crack open their controllers...
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    What's the best superbike racing game for PS3?

    I really like super bike racking games. I played an old Moto GP game way back when and loved it, but I see that the Moto GP series has been getting pretty bad reviews and I don't know if there are any alternatives. Does anyone know which is the best to buy?
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    How do I play the stock market in GTA V?

    I started playing this about a week ago, and still have no idea how to play the stock market. Can someone enlighten me?
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    I'm gonna miss out on The Last of Us because I'm a big vagina

    First off, I LOVE horror movies. When it comes to horror games, however, I'm a huge vagina. I don't know if it's that horror games are interactive/immersive, but they mess with me in a way that horror movies can't seem to. I just watched the first part of the game on youtube, and it's freaky as...
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    How much life left in the PS3?

    I'm underwhelmed with my Xbone and am giving serious thought to selling it and buying a PS3. I've yet to play GoW Ascension, The Last of Us, and GTA V. Not to mention I really wanna play through all of the Uncharted games again and all of the God of War games, especially 3. I've found a local...
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    Titanfall......shittier frame rate than the beta. Woo!

    So I just made the $65 mistake I told myself I wouldn't make thanks to my friends. Ugh. The frame rate on some maps is pure shit. It has screen tearing too. All the talk of Respawn upping the resolution seriously makes me chuckle. If anything, they need to drop it down to 720p and see if that...
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    Battlefield 4 performance test: What are your results?

    The new update for BF4 implemented a network performance test that you run IN GAME from the options menu. This tells you and I guess the retards at DICE how the network is performing on your end or their end or both. It's hilarious reading the forums over at Battlelog. People with super mega...
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    Looking for BF4 platoon members

    I'm looking to start a platoon/clan for Battlefield 4. If anyone is interested apply here and let's get this thing going.
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    The Order 1886 footage...HOLY SHIT!

    Guess this got leaked a tad early, and thank god it did. It looks fucking amazing. I'm really liking the aspect ratio too. This....this is next gen shit right here boys and girls.
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    TITANFALL for XBOX 360 pushed back to March 25th

    Just saw this over on the GAF: Only 2 weeks but I'm sure this will force some to go ahead and just get an XBONE so they won't have to wait.
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    So can we watch the Super Bowl on the XBONE? NFL app question. (Now an NFL thread ;))

    I didn't know if the NFL app was gonna show the super bowl or if they had other plans for tomorrow. I'm not even sure what all the app actually shows, as so far I've only watched interviews and snippets from NFL Network which I already have through Direct TV. Will there be anything special on...