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    Network Error

    The connection to the server was lost C-931 anyone else getting this??
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    FIFA 09 Gameplay Review Can't wait for this! Found some even better news about this game: Translated from EA forums by NickSCFC Make sure you...
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    New Ps3 Need Some Friends that play...

    COD4 FIFA08 UEFA08 GTAIV RFOM and SKATE my ID is n3marco would be great if you'd all add me thanks !
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    Check us out! please :) and give us some constructive criticisms feedback! Thank you!
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    here you go! CHECK IT OUT Also this pictures sick...
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    Anyone getting GTAIV at 12am April 29th?

    I found out that my nearest game store will re open again at midnight for gtaiv, wondeing if anyone else's stores re doing anything like that.
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    I would Very appreciate if all you lovely people

    Would take listen to my songs that i write im at the Academy Of Contemporary Music doing a production! i would love some feed back so go hve a listen, and if u like add me! :):D;):cool: :DD
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    OK So heres the deal, downstairs in my house i have a samsung 40" HD tv (i live with my parents) and in my room i have a SD tv which i plug in vi AVI Scart. Most of the time i keep my playstation upstairs in my room bu i do like to play it often on the big tv downstairs. The only annoying thin...
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    My Music

    Hey Guys have a listen ti some of the music i hve mde and remixed, im producer/artist from london tell me wht you think??:mrgreen:
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    Skate: Who Bought it? Opinions?

    Hey Skate is out to day in the US, so just wondering who bought it and what your opinions on the full game are??
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    International Shipping

    Does anybody know any US site where i could pre order Skate and they will also deliver to the uk? thanks
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    Colin McRae

    R.I.P Colin McRae
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    Official FIFA08 Thread

    Heres the official Fifa08 thread! Post screenshots you have found, and just discuss general gameplay! Also an oppertunity for people who will be getting the game to put down there PSN ID and fav team! Overview FIFA 08 challenges players to master the skills required to play like a...