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    Best Media Server Program for PS3?

    what would you guys recommend?
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    Firmware 2.7 has been posted on the playstation blog!
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    New Uncharted Interview AT ign and screens! this game is looking amazing! ---------------- Now playing: Aaliyah - Try Again via FoxyTunes
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    Anyone Still Playing COD4?

    anyone still playing this marvel of a game? ---------------- Now playing: Three Days Grace - Never Too Late via FoxyTunes
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    a little observation about uncharted!

    when u bring up the ingame XMB it pauses the game for u! nice little feature!
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    God Of War 3 will be incredible!

    now everyone look at killzone 2 and infamous and then remember how far sony pushed the ps2 with god of war 1 and 2 now think about the 3rd one! its going to be out of control! i hope they expand the combat though!
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    Dualshock 3 worth it?

    i have 2 sixaxis controllers and i wanna get a DS3 but i don't know if its worth it? do you guys think it is?
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    Ratchet tools of destruction weapon help!

    i'm on my 5th challenge playthrough and i bought every single weapon the game has but for some reason there are 2 that dont show up on my weapon select, plasma beasts and lavathrower(flame thrower that throws lava) i have no idea why there not there?
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    Hows the psn game vegas poker?

    anyone have this game? does it control good is it fun to play?