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    Cryengine 3 on console

    Anyone else seen this demo of the console version? Too bad they could not show the PS3 version in motion for some reason. Maybe the performance isn't up to par yet or maybe MS didn't want people to see the difference in versions :p. Without joking though, in the way they are showing it right...
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    Mario Queen vid

    It's a couple days old now, but didn't see it posted.
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    Uncharted 2 single player footage

    I don't think it's posted yet. Watch in HD, it's the same part that was already leaked (?) in low quality though. Guess we won't see truly new footage this week.
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    Home 1.04 slight gfx downgrade?

    Hey, I am not 100% sure, maybe my TV settings have reset. But do the character models look slightly worse then before? Maybe they needed some resources for other things or they want to allow more people to be in one home area?
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    High Velocity Bowling Free update -> Live now

    I haven't played this game that much, although I feel it's a great underrated game. Tomorrow we are getting a free update with online play and trophies. Very cool to make it free and i'll probably play it some more now. Check the blog for info...
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    Experience with broken PS3 HDD?

    Ok so my ps3 randomly crashed with a instant "3 beep crash" (usually this takes a while). Now when I start it, it seems to respond for 1 second then just turns into red light blinking mode. I think / hope it's "only" my HDD, but does anyone have any experience with this? For those who want a...
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    Solid Snake found hanging around in Battlefield BC

    I thought this was nicely done. - Battlefield: Bad Company - Snake Eyes HD
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    CVG / PSM3 Warhawk Review 9

    I don't believe this has been posted. So for those interested in another review:
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    7 min Metal Gear Online gameplay vid

    I hope it's not posted already... It's bad quality and I can't really tell if it is fun to play, but still worth a watch.
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    SOCOM Confrontation gameplay First of all: I only played a bit of socom and I didn't play any of the titles seriously online. I was / am planning to get a bit more into socom on the ps3. This gameplay footage worries me a bit though. It seems like some things are missing for a...
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    US Motorstorm on Jap PS3

    Since the US Resistance on a Japanese machine is not (yet) working on the US servers. I am wondering if anyone can confirm whether the online works when playing Motorstorm on a Japanese PS3. It's kinda a specific question and maybe to early for anyone to know, but maybe i'll get lucky.