• Yes It wasn't a joke because It's secretly true. What made you come to the forum less? So you actually love me? I knew It. :wink:
    You've been here forever so I know you've grown weary of it so I won't blame you! You don't see bad as of right now. I', man crushing on you. :snicker (JK)
    You should totally hit that. :D Well, mandarin is like the most useful language considering it''s spoke by a billion people. I don't why but you have this douchebag vibe plus you don't post a lot outside the ban thread so that didn't help! :snicker
    You lucky bastard you. I'm interested in Latin and Mandarin. I need to go to some classes. Was that your girlfriend/instructor in that photo? Now you don't seem like a douchebag because I know what you look like! :snicker
    I must say I've intrigued. I always take interest from people in a totally different place than I. That's quite impressive to know that many languages. Which one is your favorite? :snicker
    They can't update the article because I can't get hold of the winners. If they don't get back to me in a week, I'll have to pick new ones since I've sent them Emails and multiple PM's.

    Sorry to keep you in the dark.
    It's that one level with rubble everywhere and you have to escape a burning bus coming towards you. Granted that isn't the best representation of the game but to me, it seems like U2 is just an improvement over U1...which is fine but I like realistic games more. It seems too arcade-y to me.
    Nothing much, its the same. Just got done with a two week vacation, spent some time with the family, and now just getting ready for the semester exams starting november 16th. How have you been?
    well good games go down I dont really play any more, but I <3 Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, arcade classics, Pokemon, Mario, Half Life and Portal, and SimCity games.
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