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    Bought a Switch recently, and honestly I think the Switch may be the best console ever made

    Hey guys, long time gone but hopefully some will see and comment here. I disliked Nintendo ever since the Wii. I felt it was an awful take on a gaming device and what it offered. The Wii-U was a massive flop of a system. Yeah, these two consoles had a few good games, but ultimately Nintendo...
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    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    This is waaaay late to the previous commentary but I remember some people in the community being so toxic that it absolutely pushed others away. The pride of fanboyism on this site was common, immature, and self-damaging. Back in 2012ish when I became a staff member the wind of decline was...
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    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    I see the forum got some changes.
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    [OT] Detroit: Become Human

    David Cage pushing the hype again for what will probably be another mediocre story and experience. Apparently this time he'll have editors though, so maybe it'll be better than his previous games.
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    Anyone else using Discord? (pc/phone text client)

    My friend got me to install it recently and I'm blown away by how snappy and intuitive it is, especially compared to the featureless, sluggish beast that is Skype. So I'm looking to add anyone I can to my friends list so we can chat more. My friend name is Nerevar#5686
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    Virtual Desktop - A VR Wonder (Trailer)

    I wasn't initially convinced on getting a VR headset but this has totally sold me on it; the huge work space, multitasking benefits, and gaming/media applications looks amazing.
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    SUPERHOT releases for Steam today! (Xbox One version coming March) SUPERHOT, for those that don't know, is a first-person shooter/action game where time dramatically slows whenever you're not moving. This allows you to dodge bullets, plan around the various scenarios that in real-time would be extremely difficult and...
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    SweetFX Mod for Battlefront Makes it Look Incredible Article Download Page
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    Life is Strange Just Punched My Heart (Rant)

    I've never seen it mentioned on here, and I wonder why. Though, a game involving two just-adult girls going around on whacky pranks and school shenanigans probably doesn't sound too interesting, even with time powers, I guess. Competing in the same episodic-based genre as Telltale's more...
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    You have 100 million dollars to hire any developer to make a game. What do you make?

    It can be any type of game but must be realistic for our time, so no 'CGI graphics with infinite worlds and artificial intelligence" dream wishes. There's a lot of games I would like to have that don't exist, or I want to make tweaks to games that do exist that I feel would make them perfect. I...
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    Anyone here fans of Magic: The Gathering?

    I've been playing it the last half year or so, but lately I've been really getting into it. I have a basic blue and white deck alongside a well designed (I would say) red and green deck that kicks ass. It's based on monstrosity. No planewalkers yet but I want to get a Chandra card eventually...
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    Xbox One MC Collection + 40" Samsung TV for 500$ (Best Buy, America) Now that's a good deal. I'm tempted to buy it now but besides the MCC...
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    New Horizons probe has reached and surpassed Pluto!

    New Horizon's is the fastest vehicle ever built by mankind, and it's now on its way to the outer Solar System. It only took seconds to for its fly-by of Pluto, however it captured numerous high-quality images of the planet and it's largest Moon Charon. Finally, all 9 (original) planets have now...
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    Allison Road: A New Indie Horror Title For PC (Extremely similar to P.T.) Allison Road is inspired primarily by Silent Hill 2 according to the lead developer (and likely P.T. as well). Development began September of 2014. The game is designed for old-school horror with proper atmosphere, pacing, and themes that instill a...
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    CD Projekt Red Dowgraded Witcher 3's Graphics?

    People have been asking this for a while now, noticing the newer and newer screenshots of Witcher 3 progressively looking worse than the original 2013 showings. But lately with the game's release on the horizon it seems clear the game has definitely received a huge graphical downgrade: Yet CD...