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    **** you Microsoft, let me cancel my damn subscription!

    I got rid of my 360 a couple months ago and I was pretty sure I had cancelled my Live subscription before I did so. I just got an email saying it will be renewed next month. Ok, fine. I'll cancel it again, making sure I do so properly this time. BUT NO. I follow the links given in the email to...
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    This laptop any good?

    £699.99 Am I going to get anything much better for that price? Keep in mind that it has to be black (I'm picky), and preferably on Argos because I don't want to pay for it for 6...
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    Sick of the new Windows Live Messenger

    Yea, not really 'new' anymore, I've had it a while now, but I'm now fed up. Does anybody have a download link to the older version, before everything changed? I don't mean the old old MSN, just the one before this, the one that was actually good. Or does it force you to update?
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    MMA or UFC?

    A bit lttp, but which has been considered the better game? From what I've seen the reviews on both were quite tight, so what are the views from people that have played/owned both?
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    [UK alcoholics] Where can I get a mixer glass with measurements on?

    I need the above, with the measurements of a single & double on (I'm terrible at judgement). I've seen them and I can't remember where, my friend has them and he doesn't know where he got them, and Google doesn't have a clue what I'm on about. +rep
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    So... is Amnesia:DD actually good?

    I just saw this vid: Which is the single funniest thing I've seen on Youtube this year, but without this guys commentary (well.. screaming) over the video, is this game good?
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    Anybody listen to Grime?

    When I say Grime I don't mean mainstream music like Tinchy Stryder.. Anyway, anybody buy Krept & Konan - Tsunami? The beats & punchlines in this > anything else this year
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    Friends can't hear me on XBL but I can hear them (+rep)

    Problem #2 of the day. I've opened all the ports on my router that MS say is needed for things such as chat. I've no idea what else to do... I've browsed around my 360 settings and can't find anything.
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    Need help with wireless password (+rep)

    Recently got a 360, just realised my Live functionality is limited (can't join a party or use a mic) because my NAT type was moderate or some rubbish. To resolve that I had to open several ports via my router, which is now done. Problem: To do that I had to reset my router because I had...
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    Whats that song on TV at the moment with skipping/jump rope in the video???

    Starting to annoy me trying to think of it. Might just be in the UK, not sure.
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    Halo: Reach "The Battle Begins" Campaign Trailer
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    Gahh... 360 USB Drive help.

    I just bought this: I needed a new USB to store films on. Was I attracted by the fact it had XBOX 360 written on it? Yes, but that's not the point. The guy in the shop said it was just a regular USB stick with 16GB memory. What I didn't know was 15GB of that memory is dedicated to 360...
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    Installing games - What am I missing?

    I got a 360 for the first time today (new one, yay). Now I've just installed Mass Effect 2. I don't get how it works. What's stopping me from renting a game and installing it? Edit: Ok this was a dumb post, you still need to disc to start. Moving on...
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    HELP - I have a childs account on Live (+rep)

    So.. when the 360 first came out I signed up for a Live account. I was underage then so I had to do it as a childs account. Now I've finally bought a 360. Problem: I have no ****ing clue what I put as the parent account. I understand I need to know the parent account so that I can promote my...
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    So my 40gb died..again.. I think

    Yes, somewhere there will probably be similar threads, cool. It loads up the XMB, but won't play Games. They don't show up once I insert the disc. BluRays show up, but when I click on them the screen just goes black.. and stays black. This is my second PS3, my first died from the exact same...