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    New Destruction AllStars PS5 Screenshots

    Rocket league meets destruction derby meets onrush, I'll play it but considering the game ain't gonna be huge as players are sometimes fussy. If this has arenas an racing tracks like DD did I would like this more than anyone would think! Onrush was fun but never lasted long once platiumed it...
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    Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your PS Plus games for October

    Bought payback on launch, average game bit grindy easy platinum! Not fan of the card packs though. Vampyr it looks ok i guess not interested in it tho! No games for me this month.
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    Xbox Games Showcase Thread (July 23rd)

    They say it running on a PC, they say could only blame covid for some work! Really! They launched a teaser back in 2018 at E3 they have almost 3 years of build and looks like this. Look at KZ shadowfall launched 7 years ago on ps4 looks miles an miles better than infinte, with a console with...
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    PS4 Titles on PS5! (Cross-Gen)

    I am knackered for space on ps4!!! now with those games listed to be cross gen or BWC you may say. But still those are being for ps5 also double release ps4 version & ps5 version to drop on shelves. So once it drops on ps5 I'll buy ps5 games instead. I'm not rebuying anything just waiting on ps5...
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    PS4 Titles on PS5! (Cross-Gen)

    How many of those PS4 games are coming to PS5 via cross-play? I think I might want to wait and buy them on full PS5 instead, I know it's picky but I prefer just buy them that way! I don't mind waiting. Not sure full list but. my PS4 is numbered don't think it's gonna last. The last of Us Part...
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    Sources: Call of Duty 2020 in upheaval as Treyarch takes over, plans Black Ops 5

    Well I have to admit the 2 year cycle worked an admitting that Sledgehammer games Advanced warfare & World War II never were that good. Decent maybe yes!! an being in bit of a struggle. Raven software which in fact I'm not pleased they were let go considering how they did MWR game but no...
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    (UPDATE) Ghost Recon: Breakpoint announcement leaked

    I heard it was trying to compare to the division with loot and gear if that's the case I most likely won't enjoy it, why!! Because I sick of loot for shooter type games! Can't they just of put it like wildlands an give you guns to mod an unlock them or find some of them weapons around the map it...
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    Mortal Kombat 11 launch trailer is full of hype, Techno Syndrome, and Shao Kahn!

    Im terrible at fighting games looks great though but I can't get into them tbh. The cosmetics I heard would cost around £6400 to unlock everything in game. But i assume ed boon is looking at it to make ways to make it less challenging to get diffrent outfits or whatnot at a better grind.
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    Rumor: Sony to acquire Take-Two Interactive

    Not happening. Would been good punt for ps5 tho.
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    Days Gone - World Video Series: Fighting To Survive (Updated Build)

    Might wait until I see full gameplay part 1 on somebody's YouTube play through before buying!! But shame Sony said no to multiplayer so they moved on an pitched that to world war Z an pvpvz is a thing on WWZ game will be checking that out also.
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    Quantic Dream no longer making PlayStation exclusives

    I liked heavy rain and Detroit even Fahrenheit was good! I don't think sony lost much tbh, I'm thinking there are fans of cinematic gameplay but it's not for everyone least iv enjoyed the games. But let's see what they're next project is.
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    Need new Games!

    Played it, it was fun now iv platnuimed it I deleted it. Division 2 is on pre-order has been since it was available to pre order last year. Anthem well I'm really unsure of this game saw some gameplay footage, sorry but isn't for me an it's a EA game you know what they're like.
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    Need new Games!

    Might pick it up full collection £20.99 is decent price.
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    Need new Games!

    Cheers I kinda dislike racing games to apart from F1, but I'll download it an try it out! No not yet but I might end up buying them but the iv never played any GoW game as its not what i go for personally.
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    Need new Games!

    I am absolutely done with Red Dead 2 now, online is a bore fest of a money game. I'm looking for new games to play, any ideas what i should buy next? Very much would appreciate the help out. bare in mind not willing to spend on full price games. I got Detroit become human but not playing until...