• Yeah? Alright man thanks for that. Cool. I'm gonna try and just work on my stamina a bit and I'll look more into it now that I've finished university. Thanks a lot man.
    Keep me updated with your progress - I'm very interested. Where have you moved to now anyway? You were last in Portsmouth, right?
    Cool man. Would be great to see you if a good position with a top company one day :) Best of luck with it.

    Thanks man. Cool yeah I understand that. The thing that is stopping me right now is my fitness - do I have to go into it with a built physique already or would they allow me to develop that as I go.
    I remember you recommending me Justin Roberts' school of wrestling and they say that people should have a level of fitness before joining, so that's the part that's got me.
    Not too bad man. I'm just waiting to graduate and working part-time. I'm trying to get into better shape. I remember you saying that you had to bulk up a bit. How is that going?
    Ah I see. Are you actually planning to still follow it up? I keep thinking about trying to follow it up, but I seriously need to put on muscle and get rid of some fat. I'm not mad fat but it's something. Got any tips?

    It would be a shame for you to give it up if you went that way, but in the end, you know what's going on and it's your choice.
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