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    Port Forwarding With Comcast

    I have a Grandstream router which says needs a static IP to portforward. This is the Static IP guide that I'm using. I got to the part where you have to enter prefferred and alternate DNS servers (or step 10). Now I noticed my IP address, Default Gateway, DHCP Server, and DNS...
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    Speaker Help

    Yesterday me and a couple of buddies found some speakers on the street. They were my neighbors and he now upgraded I believe. Anyways they are Sony SS-U281AV. Heres a link for them: Can't find much info on them. Anyways I know nothing about what...
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    Recovering Deleted Songs from Ipod??

    K well I accidentally deleted and overwrote all my music on my iPod when I plugged it into another computer with a different library. I know theres software that allows me to recover all my music. CopyTrans detected all my 500 deleted songs but only allows for one song to be recovered at a time...
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    Friend has GTA IV?

    Found this pic on his facebook. Haven't had a chance to ask him about it but do you guys think it's real? If so how did he get it this early? Maybe this was already posted on a gaming site or something and hes just messing around but I've never seen this pic before and it does slightly resemble...
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    Skyline GT-R Stolen/Recovered by Forum Members Yea so someone got their car stolen and joined the forums telling people to be on the lookout. Several members post seeing the car around town picking races with everyone. Later the thief's house and...
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    How to get new headphones running?

    So I got some headphones for Christmas, Razer Barracuda HP-1 to be specific. The only audio jacks I have are these: So do I need a new soundcard to enjoy these? If so could you guys please direct me to something cheap ($100 max) that would be adequate? I saw some really cheap ones (like...
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    Formatting Without OS Disc

    At the auto body shop I work at there is an older computer in the paint area which is used for internet and some kind of part identification program. Of course it was never take care of and is now almost unusable. Anyways, no one knows if it came or has an OS disc. I'm not going to clean it up...
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    Post all your FM2 pictures! (56k warning)

    Post all your FM2 pictures here, weather it be new designs, funny moments, or anything else. I know there was a starter car thread and the "wow forza" but I think we need a dedicated thread to just pictures. Anyways heres my latest project, my S15 drift car. Its not completely done yet, I...
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    Need Help with re-formatting

    Well since this was my first windows based machine I made a lot of mistakes and installed a crap load of pointless stuff and collected some spyware/adware. I've been wanting to re-format my pc for a long time and think I'm finally going to do it. I've never done anything like this though and so...
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    TPLR - FM2 Racing League

    Well guys I added some things to the site and I think it's ready to be visited. I'm working on the banner and stuff like that. I also need to find a race registration plug in so we don't have to do it manually. Go ahead and register, look around the site, and tell me what you think. I haven't...
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    FM2 PLR League - **Season Starting May 14

    I wrote a bit about my plans earlier so heres a little update. I originally made this post over at the FM forums.
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    What else should I do for security?

    Well all I use is Trend Micro AV 2007. Is there other stuff I should run (has to be free) and can you explain if I can/should run them at the same time and just how they overall work and what they do..yes I'm a total noob in this subject. +rep for help
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    Got a new monitor..CS:S looks like crap

    Ok today I recieved my 22" dell widescreen. I used to have a westinghouse lcd that I used as my monitor. CS:S would run at 1360 by 768. Now when I run it it looks a little blurry and I cant change the resolution. It seems to be stuck on my old resolution. I want to run it at 1680 by 1050. I...
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    Anyone here play GTR2? Join TPG Racing League!

    It's a well known and respected league throughout the sim racing community. I joined about three weeks ago and had so far had a great experience. I haven't actually had a collision that would affect me in a race so far through season 4. If any of you guys are serious about your sims and want a...
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    Setting up two 360s through LAN?

    This weekend Im gonn have a couple of friends come over and we want to hook up a couple of 360s. I have plenty of TVs in the house, can get about three 360s brought, and was wondering how I would go about hooking these up. I dont have any LAN or networking experience so Im pretty much clueless...