• ....alright you got me there...but the cheerleaders compensate so it's all good. :snicker

    I'll help you search and let you know if I find something. ;)
    Haha! you sound determined to own that jersey. It really is a unique jersey imo. How are you gonna acquire such a rare item?

    p.s. 49ers aren't looking so hot after the Houston smashing. :snicker =(
    You're welcome. I'm just glad that you approved the signature, that for me is more than enough, Noxia. :D

    I used to be a pc gamer along time ago. I used to play single campaigns because I didn't have internet but as soon as I got my ps2 I slowly abandoned the pc world. <---- That and my desktop is 100 years old. I'm sure that my computer wouldn't even handle todays simplest of games....that's how weak it runs :lol:.
    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. =)

    Try this to upload the sig:

    1) Use imgur.com to upload/host the sig...once you upload it copy this link:


    2) Then go to Profile> My Profile> Edit> Edit signature and paste the link you got from imgur to the signature box:


    then preview and save the signature. This method should definitely work.
    I left out the fuzziness but stuck with the saints colors. I also added the horizontal lines for a t.v. effect...sort off. Let me know if you want me to change anything. :D

    I agree, they need dramatic imrovements for them to even have a slight chance of even having a winning record :snicker...but I keep my hopes up.

    Sure! show me your previous sig and maybe a pic...so that I could get an idea of what you want. =)
    Haha! I know, right? I'm not going to lie, I'm not much of a crowd person though I've been to a college football game and I surprisingly had a good time. Lately I've been thinking about going to Candlestick Park...I'll probably go with a couple of my friends, but we'll see. I like the Niners jerseys, I have a red J. Rice jersey but my favorite from all the teams has to be the Ravens black jersey because black is my favorite color and I love the bird. :) Props on owning a R.Lewis. I dream of going to a Superbowl but like you I have to save up (something really hard for me to do :lol:)....but I won't let anything stop me from attending the Superbowl if the Niners make it. :D
    Ah, so you have a soft spot for blondes....me too man, me too ;) and I also love their uniform, the colors compliment the logo rather nicely. I'm probably not the biggest NFL fan but I still enjoy watching it every chance I get with friends. Nice, you got tickets for the Bucs - Chicago matchup? I can tell that american football is popular in the UK.

    Hey, if you want to go to Tampa to catch a Bucs game you should do it! don't let anything hold you back, Noxia. =)........and maybe post your experience in the NFL thread, but first someone has to kick that canadian out :snicker.
    Wow! that must have been quite an experience to be close to a living legend, not many get that opportunity... I'm jealous :D. I live approximately....2 hours away from the 49ers stadium but I have yet to go to one of their games. [img]

    I'm intrigued, why are Tampa cheerleaders better? are they hotter? They smile more? =)
    Thanks for the happy bday wish!Edit: AH! I see it's your birthday as well :D Have a great b-day then to you too!
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