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    Arcade mode car selection

    How do i get more cars to select between in Arcade mode?
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    RE5 calibration

    How does this work, when i play every time i aim, it recalibrates to the center. So if i point at the left corner and press draw gun, the aim on the screen will go near center with point of referance as left corner, so pointing at the middle will make the aim on the screen go to the middle of...
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    Resident evil gold edition, out in eu?

    I looked every where for it, but its nowhere to be found, one of my countrys main elektro shops has it dated to realse today, but dont have it in theiere inventory...?
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    Tiger woods 11 online acess code?

    Ì entered the code and downloaded file. When i log into Tiger 11 now, it stil says "enable online" and if i try my code it now is invalid. Anyone els have this problem?
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    The PES 2011 Thread

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    PES 2011 screens, its good!

    GAMEPLAY REVIEWS (E3 build, clamied 60% finished) "it is likely that FIFA has finally found his eternal rival in top form" "is PES 2011 the game to bring me (and many others) back to the series? I have to say, it just might be" "invited to play PES 2011 for one hour, and let me tell you, it's...
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    Psn games, how many dl`s

    1. PS3 = dead 2. PS3 = dead 3. PS3 = dead 4. PS3 = dead 5. PS3 = on the way (Engineers at Sony must suck hardtime!) So this brings me to my question. How many times can you DL ps3 games
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    Resistance 2 on difficult

    I looked at the trophie list and cant find any trophie for playing the game on difficult. What are the rewards for completing the game on difficult and are there any trophies linked to doing it?
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    SC4 Tira video

    I didnt find many sc4 videos so i made a short one. I have listed the moves in the video in the video description on youtube. Tira got 2 stance gloomy and jooly, thats what GS and JS means. YouTube - Soul calibur 4 Tira Moves / combo
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    GTA 4 Map

    The GTA 4 map Source:
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    dlink-655 slow wierless on ps3

    I got this dlink-655, i psoted before about slow video streaming, but i noticed that its slow innternett now to. Streaming videos from my pc wired works, wierless does not! Watching youtube videos lagg, need stop and buffer before i watch, on my pc i dont need to do this on the same clips...
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    GT5 P demo dark cockpit?

    Do you guys have a to dark cockpit in the GT5 P demo? And if so, you guys with the full version is the cockpit view still as dark? I first had a samsung 37 LCD and now got a Panasonic 50 plasma. But on both tv`s the cockpits was to dark (regardless of the tv setting) Its so dark that when the...
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    Plasma break in period.

    Ok so i got 37" LCD and just ordered a 50" Plasma, but i have never owned a plasma before. To those of you with plasma screens, is the burn in stuff just bull ****? A friend of mine who lives with 3 other peoples have had 2 plasma screens. Both screens was just used as normal from dayone, with...
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    Norway/Eu psn down?

    Is the psn down for other peoples than me? :P i can use the browser, but not log in. It was like this yesterday to :S
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    Playstation central name, same as psn name?

    I had a psc account on the ps2 when socom lunched. When the ps3 lunched i didnt get my psc acc to work as psn id, so i just made a new one. I was unsure of the password, but was pretty sure that the nick was Oas. I tried making the psn name Oas, but it was taken. Is the PSC and PSN the same? Or...