• lol 'itachi' is an anime character I'm a big fan of. I am a pakistani myself. (Although I moved to Canada last year.)
    Hey man, the first time I saw your name I thought of Sufi muslims. Now you even have Pakistan as your flag, so I wanna ask if you are actually a Sufi?
    Yea, I'm not touching another SOCOM title until they go back to the roots or release the older ones in HD.
    yeah we need to...ill sink in as many hours as i can on BF3 (i dont mind the respawn since the game actually requires squad/team work to complete objectives) before counter strike GO releases next year. as for socom, hopefully we here something about a socom legacy next year(since Zipper will be working on MAG 2.0)...

    do i already have you on my friend list?
    i love it! the guns feel right, team work is on point when you have a good team/squad. the map glitches are annoying tho, hopefully they get ironed out. cant wait for the final game to see all the changes they made.
    I know that there are several accounts of people hearing what could have been explosives, but many others say the same, so really it's hearsay. That, plus it would have been difficult for thew government to install bombs in both towers without anyone noticing.
    Not a huge fan of this movie, althoug it did spawn Spartacus, which I am gratefull, for, mainly for knowing there are woman in New Zealand with low enough standards that they will get naked infront of the camera. It seems they all live in Auckland where it was filmed though :(
    My mum, sister and my sister-in-law all watch Asian drams :( It actually is quite funny watching them. They're unbelievably melodramatic.
    Haha.. now that I think of it my mum actually calls it Vaneela :lol:
    I only speak Urdu.
    Lol.. they actually know how to say ice cream correctly. So.. do you speak Punjabi or Urdu?
    Me too :D Well.. not exactly. I was born in England but my parents were born in Lahore :D
    lmao I got a few more lined up. I was going to use another but it would derail all topics lol.
    Mostly it is just an improvement over U1. It's the crazy set-pieces that makes it a lot better.
    Hey Sufi, how's it going? I hope you're doing well, haven't talked in quite a while :p.
    Lol, I barely check this site--but my apologies for making you wait 2 weeks before hearing a reply from the splended yours truly ;).
    you asked me "why"

    i responded, "why not"
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