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    Play Titanfall now

    Here is a guide to unlock it now if you pre-ordered and loaded. Did it myself and am playing now.
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    The Last of Us: Left Behind Launch Trailer Been awhile since I have been this excited for some DLC. Who else is downloading it?
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    Mass Effect 2 Sig Request 1000sp

    Pretty much what the title says. I am looking for a ME2 sig and avy. I don't really have anything in mind, just something unique I guess. Thanks.
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    Graphics Card Issue

    I just built a new work computer (MB: TA785G3, Graphics card: HD 4670) and I cannot get the video card to work. Now the MB does have a onboard card which might be causing the issue. I have tried disabling it both in windows and the bios. In the bios I think I am doing it right (I don't see and...
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    Official Halo 3 ODST Review Thread (IGN, GT, More Up)

    IGN GameTrailers EuroGamer Destructoid Joystiq...
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    Halo 3: ODST Terra Incognita ViDoc

    YouTube - Halo 3: ODST Terra Incognita Video Documentary Some of the scenery looks really cool. Kind of weird to think this is less than a week away now.
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    Okami Sequel Okamiden Trailer Graphics look really good. Perfect fit for the DS.
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    New Mass Effect DLC Pinnicle Station Released

    Don't know anything about it nor can I find a site with great details at the moment but it is on XBL right now for $5. I am downloading it right now. Edit: Ok so basically it is a combat simulator with a bunch of different challenges and modes and you basiclly are trying to reach the top of...
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    20 Minute The Old Republic Dev Walkthrough

    Part 1 YouTube - GC 2009: The Old Republic Video Walkthrough Part 1 Part 2 YouTube - GC 2009: The Old Republic Video Walkthrough Part 2 Part 3 YouTube - GC 2009: The Old Republic Video Walkthrough Part 3 Part 4 YouTube - GC 2009: The Old Republic Video Walkthrough Part 4 The game looks...
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    IGN Metroid Prime Trilogy Review Video Review: Day one buy for me, this collection is second only to the orange box....heck it might beat the orange box.
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    GC 2009: Mass Effect 2 Interview/Trailer I still love how much all the ME1 decisions will vastly affect ME2.
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    IGN Dissidia Final Fantasy Review Video Review: Really didn't pay attention or care about this game, but it does look good and like something I would get sometime.
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    Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta Launch Trailer Looks pretty cool, like all other fallout 3 dlc day one buy for me.
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    Mass Effect 2 Box Art Revealed Looks very nice and unique. Them releasing the box art now sure gives me more faith in the q1 release window.
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    Halo 10 Year Anniversary Video Funny to see Steve Jobs excited about halo. Feel like playing right now.