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    Scored a White Destiny bundle 300$ via craigslist for my 2nd Ps4.. Gameshare Question

    My brother(who I live with)and I have been looking for awhile now. I found it 15 minutes after it was listed. Essentially brand new condition. Guy won it from Taco Bell and never played it. Showed me the paper work. Everything went smooth. What I am wondering is if I activate it as my primary...
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    [Giveaway]My Madden 25 Ultimate team.

    I am selling the game tomorrow on craigslist. I platinumed it recently. Have no reason to continue playing at this point as I'm exhausted of the broken defense in the game. If anyone else really can use some help with an infusion of talent with their ultimate team I will trade my starters for...
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    My quick, honest & far too late Killzone: Shadow Fall review

    As a guy who never got into the Killzone series, I bought Killzone just because I needed another PS4 game to play. Got it for 20$ used on Gamefly(terrific condition BTW), so I didn't expect much. Wanted to try a shooter, but rarely enjoy the FPS genre. Never liked the look of Killzone 2/3 only...
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    [OT] Destiny

    Lets start with the good... The vehicles. Oh my goodness. Remember when you were a kid watching the Star Wars(original) trilogy? You loved those speeder bikes Luke rode around on like a boss. If only you could control them. Oh wait.. There was a group of programmers who grew up watching...
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    The New Sexy PS3 - Azurite on Amazon Look at this beautiful blue bombshell. I just got my launch 3 going but... If I ever buy another PS3, this shall be it. Hope this isn't a double...
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    GTA Online: Active players

    Looking for some friends to play GTA Online with, noticed the crew page was all but dead. Maybe make our own crew so we can rank up quicker or I could join your crew if you are already rolling with people consistently. Seems like the huge crews I joined most the people never joined the games I...
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    Warframe Update this morning: 12.0 Zephyr Rises.

    Turned on the PS4 this morning, to pleasantly find my Warframe game updating. To gloss over some of the bigger stuff, Oxium is the new resource, "lighter than air like metal", used in constructing the new community built air based Warframe - The Zephyr & other clan research items. Large numbers...
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    It lives!

    Yesterday I had one of my best friends over to hang out for a few days. We both bought launch edition Ps3's & both of ours overheated. Mine died in 2009ish, his a few months later. A couple weeks ago he told me he fixed his & got the kit. I had often looked at the steps & while seeming simple...
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    Will you be buying & playing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn for PS4?

    When FF14: RR comes out on PS4 this April in stunning 1080p with PSVita support, will you be buying it & the monthly 12-13$ subscription that comes along with it? Are you Ps3 adopters going to take advantage of the free copy & character transfer? Wanted to see how many people around here are...
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    Help-A/V Receiver, Thinking of purchasing to accompany ps3...

    OK here is the deal I am thinking of buying this- - -For the ps3/hdmi hookup/hd audio. So I was just wonderingm how will I be outputting my audio.. Optical or not?
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    Good 1080p Projector for ps3?

    Take a look at this one, Its in my price range, uses 1080p.
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    Help me Decide ! PS3 vs HDTV vs Surround Sound

    Hello there people. I need some help deciding what I am going to do with this 600$ I have here. Now I have 3 options. Buy a ps3 when shortage's are over(High end model) Buy an Hdtv (so I can can better enjoy my Ps3 later in life(like 6 months after I buy this...)) If so, Which HDTV?(With...
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    PS3 HDD - Running Mac OS X?

    Running Mac OS X on ps3? If this is possible, as ken kutaragi said it is. Doesnt this mean you could play world of warcraft, bf1942 and many more games from the mac os? I see myself playing bf1942 on a cell.. and then I start to drool.
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    What OS Will You Use?

    Hey there I havent been on the forums in a loooong time, but hey everyone. Ok my question is will you use Xandros - The Linux with the option to install windows programs(My choice) Redhat - who doesnt know what this is... Ubuntu - Other - Describe in post
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    Final Fantasy 8 lovers come on in This is NOT me selling it I am just showing it to you because I got a laugh out of it.