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    Finally going to purchase a PS4 this week.

    I think I have finally reached the point where I'm going to fork over the $400 and buy myself a PS4. At launch I picked the Xbox One and have LOVED it so far, but I need a PlayStation in my life again. I have a few questions about it though: What games are MUST have(s) at purchase? I've never...
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    PlayStation Saudi Arabia -- Ready for October!

    It seems more and more that the PS4 could be launching in October! The video is ALL about the PS4 except for one game, Puppeteer, which is a PS3 game. Could this basically finalize that the PS4 is launching in October? Let's hope so...
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    Certain aspects make this multiplayer extremely frustrating. (Black Ops 2)

    I'm a huge Call of Duty fan. I love the series, it's one of my favorites and I will be that person who will buy the new CoD every year it comes out. In all my years of playing this series, Black Ops 2 has the MOST frustrating multiplayer. Let me give you a short list of what annoys me: Quick...
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    Does anyone own Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Gamecube?

    I'm not shocked to be honest at how rare this game is now. I've been thinking about ordering it because I loved Twilight Princess and would love to play it using a Gamecube controller. However, I just pulled it up on Amazon, and it's going for a whopping $139.95... I remember clearly that this...
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    Which PS3 game(s) are going to be extremely rare in a few years?

    I saw a similar topic to this at NeoGAF and I thought I'd post the same one here to see what games we think will be very hard to find and once found, will be at a steep price. My list for now: Ni no Kuni Tales of Xillia Heavenly Sword Folklore Lair That's my list for now. I'll edit this post...
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    I was just scrolling through all the topics and I was shocked to not see one for Destiny (unless I missed it, if I did, my bad). This is the game that I've been waiting to see actual gameplay of at E3. IMO, they really did save the best for last. I've been a Halo fan since it originally...
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    Does anyone own the PS3 Sony Wireless Stereo Headset?

    I got this headset a few days ago and I have a question for anyone who uses it: When playing online with friends, do you have problems balancing the volume of the mic with the sound of the game? Whenever I find a comfortable sound level for the game, the mic volume is just a little too low and...
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    Question about the Super Slim PS3.

    I'm going to most likely be getting a Super Slim PS3 tonight and wanted everyone's opinion on it. I used to own the original PS3, and haven't owned a PS3 since then. I switched to Xbox 360 and have finally grown sick of paying for Xbox Live, so I'm getting rid of it and going back to the...
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    Fable 2 Avy/Sig combo! SP + rep!

    I'm looking for someone to make me a really nice Fable 2 avy/sig combo please! I would like my name to be in the sig if possible. Thanks! :)
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    I have Fable 2

    And all I'm going to say is this game is incredible. I am loving it. I've been playing co-op with my friend and we haven't stopped playing. I decided to take a break and post this here incase anyone had any questions for me. Also, to anyone who doesn't believe me, go to and search my...
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    I have a Resistance 2 Beta code avaialable

    I'm going to hold a sweepstakes. The first 20 people to respond must pick a number between 1-20. Once there is 20 replies to this, I will randomly pick a number and if it's you're number I will PM you you're beta code so you can download it. GO!
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    The following sites WILL be giving away Beta keys! Newest blog gives out hints of 3 new sites that will be giving out beta keys very soon. If you click on the links that were posted in one of the paragraph's, it links you to IGN, Game Trailers and 1UP. Keep you're...
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    More LBP Beta keys being given away! First 500 comments win a key! Post a comment saying why you deserve to get a key, also put you're e-mail address in the comment and put youreself anonymous. There was only 99 comments right now when I posted mine! Hurry up before this ends!
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    LittleBigPlanet coming earlier then expected?! 10/07/08

    This is weird. I can confirm myself that I did get the e-mail from Sony with that same exact picture. Could this be a typo? Or could they possibly be bringing it out earlier with all the huge success of the beta? Discuss.
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    GameSpot giving out codes - Contest has ended, no more entries allowed.

    You must send GameSpot an e-mail with the answer, which I posted below! Here's the e-mail: [email protected] The answer is C. Shredding and Freedom You do NOT need an account with GameSpot inorder to get a LBP Key. Credit to Grinchy! GO GO GO! Hurry before they run out!