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    Heavy Rain, God of War III PS3 bundles listed for Europe

    I was unaware they were doing bundles. Now for NA.;)
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    MOD's Delete...... DEAD THREAD

    As I was reading this, I was thinking do we really need this? I'm interested in what everyone thinks about it. ;) I don't see a need in it and I doubt that it will come to NA.
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    Race to download the ModNation Racers EU beta Jan 21st

    For those that wasn't in the beta here's your chance.;)
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    3D Blu-ray specs finalized, PlayStation 3 support confirmed

    Well at least I have until 2014, by then I should be needing a new TV.:rolleyes:
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    Sony's Koller calls 'motion control, 3D gaming, PSN' focal points of 2010

    Can not wait to see what they come up with. As for the Holy Grail of gaming....... anybody got any ideas.:rolleyes:
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    DELETE mods

    I don't have this game, but for those that do. There you go.;)
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    Modern Warfare 2 update 1.06 fixes

    Now the waiting.
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    New Medal of Honor

    Yet another shooter. :rolleyes: I'll have to watch Spike TV's 2009 VGA.
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    Amazon lists Uncharted DF/DualShock 3 combo pack

    You're not really saving a lot, but a little here and there adds up.
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    Avatar mutliplayer trailer

    Sorry I couldn't get the video to copy:sad:, only the website.
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    Bad Company update brings maps, bug fixes and trophies (GUN CODES INCLOSED)

    We will have to wait and see if they pulled it off:rolleyes: Just incase you didn't know :wink:
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    Delete moved post

    Finally I think we will have a good mic ;)
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    TRASH ...I'm going to have to do better

    Twice in one day that's terrible.
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    Last day to vote for Battlefield: Bad Company conquest maps

    Start voting we only have until Sept. 2.;)