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    In Race Game Saves!! Finally i can do those 24 Hour races. I've been way to hesitant to try it because i really don't want my PS3 to pack in again! Now i can do about 3 hours and switch it off :D
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    Has anyone played/reviewed Ferrari Race Experience?

    Its been on PSN for a good week and i havn't heard anything about it, well apart from that trailer which certainly did not look real-time. Has anyone downloaded the trial or downloaded the full game. If so, what is it like? Is it exactly like Ferrari Challenge? I just wanted to know and i'm sure...
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    Gran Turismo 5 Vs FORZA 3

    Vid from Machinima. I still think GT 5 looks better. YouTube- Gran Turismo 5 Vs. Forza Motorsport 3 Comparison (Gameplay)
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    Alien on Blu-Ray?

    Why have they not released this on Blu-ray, this would look stunning in 1080p! Have they had trouble remastering it?
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    Legends of Wrestlemania Game Looks amazing!

    I was a huge fan of wrestling back in the day. The old-skoll wrestling games were the "legends of wrestling" series which sucked big time. This game looks and feels like how wrestling was back then. I cannot wait for this game to come out. Heres the source link:-...
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    Anybody looking forward to Saints Row 2?

    I'm i the only one looking forward to this game? I loved the first Saints Row on the Xbox 360 lots of customisation and a good storyline with lots to do. I have played the hell out of GTA IV and i thinks its time for something new.
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    Grand Theft Auto 4 Sells ~2.5 million in the Americas on Day 1

    Source: That us really impressive, well done Rockstar. I think a few records will and have been broken.

    About a month back i pre-ordered my GTA IV for the PS3, i found out that yesterday all the copies were gone, which is fair enough i did get there quite late. Then I cancelled my order, I noticed that there were some new copies for sale underneath (play-trade) a little more expensive but I was...
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    Tremor in the Uk?

    Did anyone feel a big rumble in the UK. I live in Leicester (east Midlands) and know people in London who felt the shake. Anybody else feel it?
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    Violent Video Games: Questionnaire

    I'm doing a project for my criminology module at university, i was wondering if anybody could spare some time in just filling it in. Thank You Age: Question 1: “Have you played or heard of any of the following games?” Grand Theft Auto Carmageddon (Death race) Hitman Manhunt Postal...
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    GTA IV info! UPDATE: MORE INFO ADDED Q & A! Character's Info

    Im not if all of these are new, but i've never heard of them.
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    Devil may Cry 4 or Timeshift

    I'm in two minds at the moment, i want to trade NFS: Pro Street because it was [email protected] I either want to get Timeshift or DMC 4 but i don't know which. Your Opinions?
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    Smackdown vs Raw 2008 demo?

    I have heard many things about the smackdown vs raw demo, it's out on the Xbox 360 marketplace. I was just wondering whether it would be on the playstation store this week. I've heard rumours that it will be out this thursday, can anyone please confirm this.
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    Ranked Match in Warhawk?

    i have joined dozens of matches but for the love god they never seem to be a ranked match. I don't know how you can tell because it's not in the filter and it will not tell you in the list! My stats just keep saying 0! Somebody please help.
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    Crash Bandicoot PS3

    How come there is no mention of the playstation mascot crash bandicoot. I recently dusted the old playstation and started to play Crash 2 and what an awesome game it was. Whats your opinon?