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    UPDATE: NEOGAF IS DEAD! Owner accused of sexual harrassment. KARMA! scumbag owner that protected scumbags gets his comeuppance I'm back btw
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    PS4 reaches 2m sales in the UK + selling faster than ps2 the popularity of ps4 is definitely snowballing. ps4 #1 console of this gen
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    Germany Hardware LTD through March 2015: PS4 1.6 million, XBO 378K

    so we got Sony's console in the lead by a ratio of PS4 : XB1 Dem germans and their long noses
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    XBOX founder: PS4 wins "by a nose" an interesting take from a former MS visionary.
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    PS4 outsells the competition in 1 month in China

    source is in chinese but there is a pie chart in there So it took PS4 one month to outsell their competitor (which had 8 months in China by itself btw) NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN!
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    Phil Harrison is leaving MS wonder what his next venture will be
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    AMAZING BREAKING NEWS: Uncharted 4 E3 trailer is IN GAME, 1080P @ 60fps "They (Naughty Dog’s Studio Coordinator Rodney Reece and Lead FX Artist Keith Guerrette) confirmed to us that the Uncharted 4 trailer showcased during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference was a...
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    Breaking News! - Project Morpheus announced (VR headset) FUTURE IS HERE FOLKS! AND ONLY ON PLAYSTATION
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    Cboat #Truthfact: Kinectless Xbone sku in the summer "ye syes n yes. sumer at leariest tho. cee how ##s stand in May" Getting rid of that gimmick is a smart move from MS. they'll have a legitimate shot at getting back into the race
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    UK: PS4 hardware *revenue* higher than Xbox 360 in full year 2013 ** debunked ** Obligatory: [/IMG]
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    Xbox, why? The baffling incompetence of the Xbox One interface and this is what happens when you try to do too much. media device first, games console second
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    1,000 fans line up @ Sony Store in Germany PS2 ALL OVER AGAIN FOLKS!
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    Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Story Trailer Debuts As an oddworld fan, i cant wait to get my hands on this
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    BREAKING: Infamous Second Son Release date announced + bundle
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    New PS4 UI videos courtesy of GAF trophy syncing sure is quicker compared to ps3