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    Bugbear Entertainment tease "Next Car Game" (PS4?)

    Bugbear Entertainment, the makers of Flat Out, released a teaser of their new game 3 days after the SONY conference. It could be purely coincidence but a next gen Flat Out with improved physics and realistic destruction for PS4? Yes please!
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    Motorstorm RC FREE!!! Get it tomorrow peeps!

    Grabbed it for PS3 at + discount as a test. I've been having 80023102 errors for a month on the confirm purchase prompt but this one finally went through. Feel free to add me so I have times to beat :P PSN: Pestilence11
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    No goood dance games for Move?

    I'm wondering why that is or if I'm missing one? I checked out the folk dancing one and apparently it's really bad. My girlfriend has been playing The Fight doing the circuit training for 30 minutes a night but is interested in changing it up once in a while with a dance game. The Move would...
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    1.05 patch is up for N. America

    608mb. Game save can be backed up. Online races give credits and experience. 4hour and 24 hour endurance unlocked in practice and arcade for silver in intermediate AMG driving school. Some new cars unlocked in events. AMG school being one of them depending on placing. Mechanical damage...
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    SambaBus Challenge (Beginner)

    Oh man! This is an exercise in patience to the nth degree. The best position I've managed to get to was 4th I think but got disqualified for cutting across the grass a bit. :angryI've only made 4 attempts so far but damn is it tough. I know I have to be aggressive in the corners to gain...
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    Sports Champions Tips Thread

    I figured this might be a good idea for a topic since some people are probably unaware of some of the things you can do in the games. Gladiator Duel: When doing a jump attack on a downed opponent you can get 2x or more damage by swinging the move controller in a downward motion when you're...
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    GTA IV PS3 1.06 patch released March 26

    For those that still play, it fixes some major bugs and speeds it up a bit apparently. I haven't looked yet myself but I'm about to. It's too late for most people but still nice they decided to finally do something. No doubt because of the episodes coming. EDIT: Played a bit and the load...
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    Gamestop UFC 2010 Exclusive Fighters I really hate Gamestop. If it's not exclusive bullshjt like this it's ripping people off on trade-ins then making mass profits reselling. Opinion. Since there's no Official thread that I know of I made a new topic.
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    flOw Free On PSN Today Only US/Canada

    Load up Playstation Store and click the make.believe banner. I've already downloaded my copy. I put the thread in PS3 Games because of traffic. My camera isn't the greatest.
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    Older Games/Archived Sub Forum

    I think all the past game sub forums should remain archived somehow in their own sub forum. For instance Uncharted 2 was pulled rather quickly. Games that still have a pretty big community would fit well in a sub forum off of "PS3 Games" in my opinion. Here's an example of what I mean. A...
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    Playstation Network Fall Sale

    I got this in my email from PlayStation Network ([email protected]) and there was a link to view as a web page. Flower $4.99 The Last Guy $4.99 Prince Of Persia Classic $4.99 Bomberman Ultra $4.99...
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    Microsoft: FM3 is the only racing sim shipping this generation

    A bit silly in my opinion considering what happened with FM3 and all it's graphics hype but it's true that GT5 is taking forever. Source:$1332533.htm Yeah I don't know how to...
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    PS3 Media Server MP3 problems

    Is anyone familiar with using this? I know a lot of people use Tversity instead. Anyways my problem is MP3s streamed from my PC. Every 6 or 7 seconds my network utilization spikes and the songs freeze (no sound) for about half a second. I've been using the software with no problems for months...
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    Half-Life 2 sound mod with voice sound effects

    This guy replaced almost all sounds with his own sound effects. Pretty funny. YouTube - (RELEASE) Half-Life2: All sounds replaced with my voice
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    The Future Of Gaming (Video)

    Found a good montage of game footage for games coming out in 2009/2010 that got me pretty hyped. Click within the video to take you to youtube then click HD to get fullscreen for those that can handle youtube HD on their computers. YouTube - UUDDS Presents: The Future Of Gaming [HD]