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    Final Fantasy XIII Theme

    YouTube- Leona Lewis - My Hands I'm sorry but in my personal opinion (no offense to all LL fans) but this is an awful choice for the main theme. What's everybody's opinion?
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    Which Aftershave/Perfume Do You Use

    Post which Aftershave/Perfume you use, what you think of it and your experiences with it ^^, just thought this was an interesting topic because I never know which one to buy. I've settled on Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man for now though it's really really nice.
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    Signature request please! :D

    I used to be on the Design Squad here, but lately i find myself lacking any kind of inspiration or creative flow when it comes to photoshop but i've had this sig for a long time now and i requires a new one, possibly an avatar too please ^^. I will of course offer 3,000 SP and +Rep for the...
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    Fable II Collector's Edition

    I got an e-mail from GAME today regarding my pre-order, apparently Microsoft has informed them that there is a "significant supply chain issue" regarding the contents of the Fable II Limited Edition that affects the entire market. Apparently the figurine and the fate cards won't be available...
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    Photoshop CS3 Problem

    It was working fine originally but every time I run it now I get this message, "The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must reinstall or call customer support" I've tried reinstalling but It still does the same thing. Anybody else had this problem and possibly know how to...
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    Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Film in Development Love ittttttt.
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    Gantz Manga

    Anybody picked this up from Dark Horse yet?. I love it cos it's a proper adult manga, the anime ending kind of crippled the series for me so I wanted to get the manga and enjoy the much longer story, can't wait for the second volume.
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    Does Anybody Remember.... The trailer for the original MGS1!, before the game was released I watched this a few times on the PS1 demo disc I got from the magazine, I also always used to play the demo on it until release (>_>). I guess the game turned out a little different...
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    First PS3 Theme - Naruto V1

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this but thought I would post my first PS3 theme that i just made, it's obviously based off Naruto the anime and i'm quite pleased with it ^^. Any comments or tips, cheers.
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    Silent Hill Homecoming Interview with Lead Designer Some interesting stuff there...
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    Finally got a PS3!

    I've been on these forums for ages now and have today just received my PS3. I was trying to hold on for a PS2 bc version here in the UK but with the impending release of MGS4 I could not wait anymore. So far i'm loving it andam currently posting thi from the PS3 :D. Waiting on Uncharted to...
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    Silent Hill 5 Played by X360UK

    Magazine in the UK that managed to play a 60% finished build of the game. I'le just provide the links to the scans Game sounds still a way off then.
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    ~ Official Anime Hub ~

    Welcome to the Anime Hub! Central Point For All Things Anime Latest Anime News & General Anime Chat * Guide's * Softtack's Guide to .mkv / .ogg Files * Working with Veoh
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    Advice on buying new Laptop please

    Got my eye on this laptop. If on the right you click on the 4th Deal that's the one I want, however i'm not too smart when it comes to computer hardware and would like some advice...
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    UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Draw **Possible Draw Fix/Leak**

    Draw will commence within half an hour, stay tuned ;). Though it must be said in the rehersal all 4 English teams were drawn apart from each other, interestingggg. Quarter Finals - Arsenal vs Liverpool Roma vs Man Utd Schalke vs Barcelona Chelsea vs Fenebahce Semi-Finals -...